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there's nothing in the world other than hope that this will happen. that's lame

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i have to agree with fight night. when i played it and beat the crap out of my gloatful friend (never having played it before) over and over and over again, it was fun. the fact that i could win withing the first two fights we had was genius, because the game was deep and it was intuitive and easy to learn. Zelda, and both of those Marios and Street Fighter II Turbo are no-brainers, and with good reason, they were just amazing and still are.

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people need to get over the fact that guitar hero doesn't really make youa musician, or anything, just makes you a gamer. I guess with all the youtube videos and what not half of these idiots playing guitar hero/rock band really think themselves that, actual musicians. i am not bashing the people who play these games, just those who actually think that mastering these games=mastering the instrument (believe me or not, I know a few people who actually think just that).

Edit: b...

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movies??? elongated cutscenes???

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ratings are for losers who think that GTA games are iconic. It could be an E rated game and it could still kick ass. What's the point of having a bunch of M rated games if they are all about shooting aliens. Gears of War, the Conduit, Resistance, Halo... etc, et. al. You get the point. I don't care about the rating, it's the gameplay.

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2006 gave us Giant enemy crab/the dismal price tag for the ps3
2008 gave us that f*cking annoying woman for nintendo/rafi

hmm... i was disappointed in 2008, but 2006 gave me laughs. yeah 2008 was a bigger failure.

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and this was the first game i played. then halfway through finishing this i began playing Final Fantasy 3 (6). Indeed wonderful games. Chrono Trigger is next!

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Immortal Kalm is perfectly correct: too high, don't buy. i never buy a game when it first comes out unless it is truly going to blow me away and i know it. from there, i just buy online, used, and VERY cheap! If parents don't give a rats a$$ about researching n just buy watever, that means they CAN afford it. only because a game cost fifty dollars when i was a kid, my parents never ran out to buy just any game for my brother and i. if they had the money then okay, if not then F*ck it we ...

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and they told me that a 10 was fully justifiable. I couldn't see why (of course I had never played it) and then my nephew got it and he couldn't put it down. I played it and was hooked. I didn't play it long enough in my opinion to sya "yes, a ten is suitable" but I played it long enough for me to actually want to play it some more.
Halo 1 is the only halo i've played and if halo 2 and 3 are just "better looking" versions of part 1 then they definitely only meri...

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with an extremely expensive piece of junk. oh i think Nintendo has that one covered.

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too bad the actual casual market that it is meant for isn't going to read it. everything the article said is right, but who cares if the people that know already read it. I was at target the other day and I saw a mom with her daughter buying a new wii game. when the target worker asked which she wanted, without conviction or doubt the eight year old said "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" and the target worker nearly cringed. I caught it, they didn't. I realized that the casua...

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Sir Ken's bubbles were dropping when people realized he was a joke. three weeks ago he had three bubbles... who the hell gave them back to him!

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i just figured that it may be no coincidence that a lot of these darker games are coming out this year and the cancelled game "Winter" surfaced. Hopefully if all the games you listed sell well enough, "Winter" will find a publisher and hopefully a future release.

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hydro-lx doesn't have it.

on topic, that is actually great news to see on this site. most of the time it is negative press from news sources about how video games are deteriorating society.

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@Mini Mario
don't waste your breath, Sony fans will never get it through their heads that there are more games out there outside of oversized marines holding guns and killing aliens.

I say that all the time, and I have noticed it's on this site. granted, i don't go to many other gaming sites, but I will admit that if i want to read comments from hardcore fanboys and badly written articles this is definitely the site. i have saying that same comment abou...

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it's turned into the stupidest investment of your life

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and you still couldn't outsell Nintendo. For shame Sony, for shame.

I'm glad Nintendo is shutting all the nay sayers, despite the actual lackluster games, as I recall, PS2 fanboys would only talk about sales when the Gamecube's were so dismal. I'm glad to see that now they are crying to the tune of a different song: "b-b-b-but the price is so much m-m-m-more."

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it's Ridge Racer. RIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!!!

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ps3 is still in last place. the gamecube did have a lot of good underrated games. the ps3 has a few games on board that are good, but you have to be a reall narrow-minded sony fan to think that the ps3 exclusives are all epic.

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i was thinking the same thing about this article

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