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i'm glad to see nintendo doing great in sales. as much as i know sales do not ALWAYS equal quality, in this case, it's just nice to see that the only ps3 game is a multiplat.

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and i don't see how anyone could give you a disagree. you spoke truthfully and i suppose that some people just hate being told that. but you do make an greta point

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The ps3 and ps2 combined don't add up to what the 360 sold? And look the Wii is still destroying your advanced system? OH WAIT these are only VGChartz, so we'll have to wait till tomorrow to see how much the PS3 REALLY got pwned in this race.

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wasn't that multi and ultimately it became an instant classic. Being multiplatform hardly means losing or gaining quality. that all just depends on how hard the company worked to make it. I dunno, I just don't agree with that logic.

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it's true that it is bs that Nintendo has so many damn add-ons, or that you have to pay for membership to play online for x-box, but the ex-gf comment does stand out.

One could read this article as either Sony gloating about their specs (which isn't bad since it's all true) or that they are asking "why aren't our sales as high as the other guys'" One sounds confident and the other sounds clingy. Personally I read it as if they were gloating, and my hats off to them ...

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it just feels better to use the wii mote (even though there aren't that many fps on the wii) rather than a standard control for fps.

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i mean starting with Ocarina there has been a "hint" system per se. first there was navi then tatl then in windwaker the boat and so forth and so on. I doubt it means anything more or less.

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mods are trigger happy with the delete button.

Anyway, I'm glad Nintendo is doing so well despite it being the most hated company right now. good for them.

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I'm glad to see so many games up there in the top 20. I noticed there were no 360 games.

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since everyone has their own ideas about politics... but why would you be talking politics in a gaming site. Did they kick you outta your other chat room? is your ranting going unheard at your home? jeez, go to the right site and stfu

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in all fairness it actually had games with both definitions of flop. A flop could either be a highly anticipated game that turned out to be crap, or a highly anticipated game that turned out to sell lower than expected.
All the games on that list fell under either definition.

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that was great!!!

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Who here didn't see LBP and GTA IV coming? Seriously, and one of the comments was how most people were just joinging a "bandwagon" for LBP. Can someone say IRONY.

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I'm not sure about the numbers, but I am sure that both Sony and Microsoft have had to cut people from their gaming department. Regardless, both sides are suffering from this horrid economical situation we're in. I doubt it's from lack of sales though, but don't quote me on that.

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it didn't have the charm of the n64 kid

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Sony, Nintendo, nor Microsoft have done nothing to me or to the gaming community, so why would anyone hate the companies. What I do dislike is the fanboys. For instance we have dukadork who is whining about x-bots, when clearly air1 said he forgot about the psp. he began whining like a b!tch because someone says they don't use their psp for lack of games.

Secondly, I never knew the psp could do so much, it is actually impressive, too bad it's not catering to its primary intent...

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All I remember is that all the ps fanboys were saying that with LBP and MGS4 it was the year of the PS3. We all see that was made of fail.

Anyway, one thing that is becoming lackluster is all these cheap, half-ass written ps3 sucks articles. As much as I have to admit that Sony isn't where it should be, I doubt that gamers want to read the same story everyday, and yet these articles get the most hit from x-box fans and ps fans alike.

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