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i mean poor delayed flop, when's a good game coming to the ps3??? oh wait, they keep getting delayed so who knows

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no matter which way you spin it, ps3 is still in dead last. no close 3rd nonsense, just plain suck last. sorry ps3 fanboys but all LBP is going to do is the exact same thing MSG4 did... NOTHING!!!!

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why pick fights

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that wasn't one of the most low brow comments I've ever read on this site

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has a ton of gc games that i am now buying at 4, 5 or ten bucks. I got pikmin in awesome condition with the booklet for 20 since it's such a hard find. I knwo people on the internets sell them too, but they are asking for ridiculous amounts. I didn't get to play that many gc games but am enjoying them and many VC games I dl now.

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but I am, but I am trying to be unbias here (as much as possible). According to people on this site, demand for the wii has been dropping since november of last year. Monthly, that comment arises and has gotten tiresome. It has become a cliche on this site such as "20xx is the year of the PS3" and "Wii is dead by 20xx."
Secondly, why would an article like this be published and then allowed on this site?
Finally, the library is decent. Amongst all the cra...

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I was just at the LBP review and you were the only idiot talking about the X-Box in a PS3 exclusive game article... once again proving that the biggest flame starters are PS3 fans. You need to calm down man.

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... except"

what was the deal with that. if you're going to say everything sux and then say except, you lose all credibility as someone who has a brain. your use of language points that out quite quick. D'penguins. what are you in middle school? How long have you been playing video games? Like for three years?
Of course, you will regard yourself as an older person that has many years playing games, and that will only sadden the case of your intelligence, or you...

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about waving the wii mote. other then putting it up to my nose, or next to my mouth to imitate the flute, wouldn't the whole thing just be random button mashing and wii mote waving?
I really want to reserve judgement, but nothing i have seen impresses me, especially with all the stupid and obscure instruments... especially the dog barks.

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there wouldn't be gaming in the first place. Donkey Kong wasn't just for the core gamer who would eventually evolve into the ps3 loving, basement living, social life declining person of today. The NES wasn't just bought by those that wished to get the highest points in Bionic Commando, or the quickest play through of Mario. These were games that could be enjoyed by everyone and that still continued until playstation came into existence and then they marketed to "the core gamer" w...

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with people bashing gamestop on this site? It's a video game store. You go in, you buy something good, you get out. Who cares if others go in their and ask for opinions, you, as a "hardcore" gamer should be interested in buying your game, getting in and out and enjoying it. It doesn't matter where you get your game from, as long as you play what you want.
I have never heard an actual good reason as to why gamestop is bad other than fanboys who work there. Big deal, they...

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but I think it looks awesome. it reminded me a lot of the soul calibur series and i love those games

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since i really really really don't see the big deal. some jerk made a joke in bad taste, but by no means should anyone be riled up about three seconds of a tasteless joke. we see them every day in other forms of media and they are by no means "offensive" or considered tasteless... for instance 4chan (I know a majority of you have been to that sight and laughed at many of their "tasteless" jokes).

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obviously its only incentive was to begin arguments about why ps3 fanboys whine, squeal, whimper, mewl, and drone on about why those 600 bucks are worth the big black ugly box of a console.

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every week there's a lame 'news' article about how un-'gamer' it is to go to a gamestop, so why would you "hard core" gamers care about a place you guys obviously don't shop at *wink* right?

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creativity doesn't run high here in the open zone does it

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u in fact, do not rule

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you haven't got it

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like rumble features to a game system... the rumble pak? no, no new system uses rumble features. motion controls??? what the hell are those, i've never heard of six axis either.

you have a point Ngai- recycled through and through... oh look i broke my sarcast-o-meter

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no matter how lackluster Nintendo has gotten, the world over still knows the name even beating out Mickey Mouse as the most iconic character ever, Mario is known moreso than you think.
So to answer your question, yes, the world still cares about Nintendo, whether the "hardcore" gamer whines on and on about their specs and hard drive space, Nintendo keeps raking in the gold? If know one knew or cared about them anymore, how the hell would they be making all this dang profit...

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