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this site is full of them. all he said was that this didn't look like mario. God, who knew gamers were little girls who had their barbie's taken from them. jeez

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online gaming is for "hardcore" gamers, and once again, who the hell cares about hardcore gamers when all they do is whine about product. why would any company really want that type of person as their support. geez, casual gamers don't even know what to whine about in the gaming world, they are satisfied with very little so they don't whine and they buy with a vengeance. now half the people on this site only whine, even when a product is GREAT. why would any company want to cate...

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replaying twilight princess and i am enjoying it. I have to admit that the wii is definitely more fun with people. I use to spend hours alone gaming, but now that i am in college playing with people is getting more fun than sitting alone.

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I think my favorite boss battle would have to be Samus vs Dark Samus in Metroid Prime 2 or the end boss of Metroid Prime. I found that the latter was the hardest I've ever faced.

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about MK vs. DC, none of you can't say you aren't at least a tiny bit curious as to why they even decided to make this game. I know that I am not drooling to find out about this game, but I do want to know what they have up their sleeves for it.

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but i really want to now. I saw the retrospective on Gametrailers and the series looks awesome. too bad it'll never come for the wii and buying a second refrigerator that plays video games doesn't seem worth buying over a video game, but it has crossed my mind.

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originally Ocarina was gonna be in first person perspective, but they opted out of it. i still wonder what would have been.
anyway, what ever happened to all the rumors regarding Factor %'s "Kid Icarus" didn't that pretty much die out? did anyone ever find out if all the allegations were true?

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when this game first came out. How rockstar games has stood its ground with such craptastic graphics to a crowd whose biggest concerns is how pretty a game looks, is beyond me.
Also, I think another game that should be before this is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I may be in the minority in this, but who cares, that game got old fast, and I love and still respect Nintendo, but that game got old fast.

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Anyway, this guy is a douche. Nintendo needs to really start thinking more about an actual factual game and not just another anthology of mini games.

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Clinton, you need to get out more often.
I will admit that I haven't played my wii ever for more than two hours, and not because I get bored, but because it just gets repetitive. Brawl is a fun game that has had my wii on for 6 hours straight, but it was with like ten people and we kept rotating.
On another note, Nintendo needs better games. It needs better 3rd party support aside from Carnival Cotton Candy Making Game and Wii Cook and what not.

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the first thing that came to mind was the overdomination of the PS2 but i suppose that for the most part this article was entertaining. It's obviously not true that a color dictates the winner, but it's a joke. Hell, I think that whether you read the article or just the title it is just to be taken as a stupid article that it is and not at all meant to be serious.

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Nintendo's last president had one better.

"[People who play RPGs are] depressed gamers who like to sit alone in their dark rooms and play slow games."

I'm pretty sure all three leading companies have said stupid things. I recall that the pres or creator of Resident Evil said that he would quit his position on the top before making another game for Sony or Microsoft... and now the next RE is exclusives to those two platforms. oops

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it's not meant to have games like GTAIV and Haze and any other generic fps of the sort, but it still makes money without them for a reason. People being sheep is a queer point of view. I bought my Wii and though the lack of games on it now are apparent, in 2006 that didn't seem so. I am by no means a casual gamer, but I don't consider myself a sociopath, locked in my room 24/7 in dark gamer either (or as many people on this site like to refer to themselves as 'hardcore' gamer).
As for ...

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and i thought this article was going to just be some guy complaining, but i thought it was really well written and pointed out certain points I have always had issues with. for instance i dunno why people talk so ill about Majora's Mask when I personally think it is second only to OoT. Honestly I would love them to make a drastic change (a la FFVII) and make people get use to a new format. People will learn to love it.

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this list failed. you want overrated, put Halo.
This guy's reasoning for mario is pretty lame. it could work for every single racing game and fighting game ever created. Why not have them on the list too. Why not all ten street fighter 2 titles. We played it once and we knew Ryu rocked. Why would I want to play all the other SF2 titles that came after SF2 Turbo. Oh, because regardless of the repetitive fighting style of the SF2 titles it was still fun as hell. this guy needs to ge...

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as a huge nintendo fan i never thought i would say that, but it is. what the hell, cooking mama 7? train your puppy 5? they need to stop publishing those games and get on with what they use to been known for, addictive gameplay and fun games. when are they going to come out with this game already?

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it is fully understandable with these games as I haven't played a single game on the list, but the language seems like it was written by some guy in a loser frat. i imagine this is the same guy that thinks that drinking beer and jerking off to sailor moon is equal to playing a "hardcore game." they need to stop coming up with bs top ten lists. tomorrow i forsee "top ten ways to use your ps3 control other than to play videogames."

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but i think there is a limit between whining about something and killing someone over it (or at least threatening to). there is a clear line. That's creepy. As a sports fan as well, I definitely see it at stadiums where I go like when an ump makes a call against the home team, I hear people actually yell out stupid comments like "kill the F***er" or things like that. Though they may be idle comments, but jeez, it's a game. let it go.
reviews are not everyone's comments or f...

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this is basically the defense half the people on this website use towards wii fit as to why people who play that are dumb. now that you guys are told that you guys need to really pick up a guitar, it's a riot to be started and he's a douche (yes he's a douche but cuz his guitar skills suck), but people who play the wii fit are lame and need to really exercise.

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most of the games mentioned, i agreed with. Other than Alien Hominid and that little robot game, I agree with completely that they were fun and addicting games. I guess a matter of opinion, but i think Melee can destroy brawl any day. I bought Brawl and played it like crazy with friends the first two weeks and was enjoying it, now it's just collecting dust. I personally don't feel it is no where near melee (except that I am surely one of the few that enjoyed SSE and thought it was near per...

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