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unheard of

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then who would we make fun of?

besides, an article like this is meant to bring out fanboys from their 'hardcore' gaming and do something else other than shoot aliens, build little planets and eat shrooms. that's what they are for. hell, this article already has 91 posts, most of them are probably agreeing with the guy who wrote it or flaming it.

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that's why i think it's too wise to sell 'em for such an amount. also, like dericb said, gamestop has most of these for under 15 bucks already.

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pp, you still waiting for MGS4 on 360?

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Naw in all seriousness the wii has a bunch of great games, but is lost admist too many shovelware titles that ps3 and 360 fanboys can't look past. 360: if it's not a shooter more than likely it won't sell. Ps3... I just can't find anything good to say about it other than MGS4.

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you hit some things dead in the head with some of those comments. As a Nintendo fanboy, I too could give cons and pros about all three systems, but that would just instigate from jerks like pp

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they also tease about Metroid: Dread in Corruption, but that was just that, a tease. Nothing came of it. Developers do this all the time to hype their game. Means nothing until you see it.

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and i can honestly say that Old Wizard is phucked up in their list making. They are tremendously trying too damn hard to have things that no one else would put... for the wrong reasons. Like the only purpose for these lists is to try to be innovative in a cliché of these forums. top 10 lists are everywhere and most of them are identical (for good reason since most of the gaming community agrees on a majority of things), but these turds try to add something and or say something that is...

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i've never personally played gears of war, but have seen it played and I didn't see crabs... aren't the locust just underground monsters?

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but the guy's writing seemed pretentious and pontifical. i dunno, but he actually writes a well enough argument to forgive his less than stellar vocabulary for a "journalist"

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but none have worked so well... case and point six axis

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That's true, here at the local gamestop they have a HUGE sign announcing that they are stocked up the arse with Wii's. Though I can't say the same for the target, best buy, toys r us and circuit city. I wonder if GameStop pulled a deal with Nintendo since they seem to be the only ones that have a butt load of wiis in stock in my area.

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no response from Sir Ken... this is the first time I think people actually shut him up... and x-box fans actually used real numbers... what the phuck is N4G coming to

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nothing beats a real guitar. I have finally played rock band though, and it is fun. After about an hour though, the game does become dull. How all these youtube videos get up of people playing the game and garnering praise ever became cool is beyond me. The fact remains that the games are fun, but how many times can they keep coming out with the same game. I think that they should just let all future songs be DLC

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... haven't played wii fit, but I know people (gamer and not) enjoy it. You're the first person who I assume has played it or else you wouldn't be judging it, to say that it was crap. The only people I know who really hate it r people that haven't played it. I was one of them at one point, but the more people who i asked who ACTUALLY played it all really enjoy it.
I know I was harsh when it came out just because I expected more from NIntendo, but whatever, I still haven't played it...

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with all these nintendo websites being waaaay too fanboish to the lbp franchise? Someone mentioned it and it's true. Most Nintendo fansites leave teh whining to ps3 fanboys, but in this past week, there have been too many Nintendo sites crying over the lameness of LBP. It's starting to get ridiculous. Let the game flop in peace.

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that comment was actually funny (about the sackboy)... and what does it have to do with not having the console. Hell, according to sells most of the world doesn't own the ps3, what would that matter Montrealien?

Edit: it's like making fun of the wii for it's name, it's easy, and hence, every fanboy makes fun of it. Don't take it to the sack.

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your name says it all

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to an extent with you. The music felt out of place, not because it was better suited for another war, but because it just wasn't suitable period. It plum sucked. The music was what made me think "were they aiming this exclusively at 12 year olds who still think war is just in video games?" I dunno, but besides that God awful music, I don't see why Kotaku is whining. Someone else mentioned this already, but in honestly I thought it too when I read the title. What really needs a...

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if it was Nintendo that got gaming out of the crash of '83. Secondly, the wii as a gimmick isn't a fair statement as it has advanced technologies. Play a FPS n personally, I think it blows dual analogue out of the water. Secondly, it is Nintendo's poor choice in what games are being let published that is screwing over the company, but not the industry. Or else MS wouldn't want to copy their every move (and in some instances Sony's). Or Sony wouldn't have even attempted motion sensing. I...

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