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Oh, I bet it's wii music 2!!! or maybe animal crossing, an expansion pack!!!! Oh, cuz we all know that that's what Nintendo thinks we want!!! Oh, I cannot wait for this

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At best buy i think you get lbp or kz2 for free with purchase of ps3.

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The admins will have a field day with you kiddo.

And since I am here a bit late... what exactly does this Bill do. I read the article and there is no indication of what the Bill will actually do for or against us gamer. So if someone could please clear up what the hell is going on, it would be greatly appreciated.

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i like the article. i think the biggest and worse one is number ten. why would there be so many stupid options. just make a 120 and an 80 gig system that works and it's cool. i didn't even know there were so many options at launch. i am pretty sure that most have been cancelled by now.

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that is highly underrated for the Wii is both trauma centers. no one ever seems to have played those :-(

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be old wizard

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Star Fox 2 finally coming to the virtual console?

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and it would be one of Nintendo's few surprises that actually left me with a smile afte rthey announced it

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i've been trying to avoid any press for this game other than the release date. this is the second time i have seen anything revolving this game and it has only made me want to definitely get it instead of just "i'll see when it comes out"

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you have a huge point which i bring up ever so often. i remember back in the ninety's, as a kid, i use to read all the gaming mags for sega/nintendo/and later psone. i dunno if it's nostalgia, or the fact that i was a kid, but i usually felt more like they were right back then since the majority of mags had roughly the same exact score. now a game like wii music has anything from a five to a perfect ten. wtf? how can a game like kz2 have a 9.5 and elsewhere a 7. i dunno, i take gaming jour...

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i know he's not a mario mascot... and i doubt he's a sonic one either

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More like Ann Coulter, amirite?

In all seriousness though, Sony fanboys just seem to stick with each other no matter what comment they make. They give each other a pat on the back regardless on their useful, or useless commentary, such as "This is from Variety, I won't even bother to read it." That comment along got over 9000 freaking agrees and the comment that immediately followed "good job you deserve bubbles." Like how idiotic is that?
That doesn'...

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I remember being excited for Raven Blade. I remember I was really happy when I learned a Str fox 2 had been completed in hopes that it would soon come out in some way shape or form (not just through online emulators).
Good list

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but i guess they were trying to outdo themselves this time by putting Pokemon as number 1. I don't understand how they even put Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger in the same category as Pokemon. I've played all three and all three are incredible. I men all three are addicting and keep you playing for hours, the thing is that FF III and CT are by no means the same in incentive. FF III and CT have story, depth and awesome gameplay, and Pokemon is addicting with it's "Gotta Catch 'Em...

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considerably more annoying than Toad, Slippy!

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brawl, metroid prime 3, galaxy. you know those may be Nintendo produced, but it shows that it DOES have the potential to look nice. by no means does it have the capabilityies of the ps3, hell nor the 36, but it does in its own right. the fact that developers don't try that extra mile to get there is a difference. it's cheaper to make them ugly, despite being good games.

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It's 2009!!!

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are so bad. I saw the numbers 10-6 and didn't bother with their "top 5" because Old Wizard pride themselves with not being part of "the opiniated crowd.' of course if it is regarded as great, of course old wizard will want to stand out and say it is not. I read previous comments that ocarina wasn't even on the list, and why would it be, it's only regarded as the best, as is final fantasy VII which I could bet is not top thirty (if even on the list). Old Wizard are hacks who ...

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the girl's reaction is priceless.

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at such a diverse and impossible list to compile. for some systems they were obviously trying to go outside the 'norm' but whatever, everyone wants a Standout list, but, as stated before, their attempt was noteworthy

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