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Not Sony fanboys. Fanboys in general.

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You've assumed I'm a Sony fanboy then? So far I haven't seen anything untoward from them for me to complain about. If I thought they were doing something anti-consumer I would feel the exact same way.
Tbh I'm not too impressed with paying for online next gen with Sony, which I have voiced in these forums.

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I did clearly say likely. These things DO happen in business and advertising. The point Im making is, we need to have a healthy level of skepticism or greed and lies will prevail.

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Because its likely paid for praise!!! Which isn't really praise at all.
Consoles aside, if a company pays for positive media coverage, they should be called out. This should apply to anyone and everyone. If a brand of toothpaste makes claims that are untrue or hyperbole, they should be put in there place, right??
I dont like fanboyism, it's weird, but some people are genuinely tired of all the BS rich companies get away with.

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The cynic in me thinks that's why you lose 2K everytime you die. It takes a while to build up enough $ to buy an apartment and I think their banking (pun) on people caving in.
Problems online have cleared up for me the last couple of days and there's some crazy stuff going on now, I'ts awesome.

edit: Did they take away the Baller SUV that gave you 9K when you sell it? Haven't seen one in ages.

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Character (lv17), appartment and modded car lost on sunday. Also, I joined earlier and my new character had a totally different face, ear protectors and make-up applied.
He's male btw!??

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My only problem with this is R* could communicate better. Last Twitter post 13hrs ago and the servers been down for at least 5hrs.
SOME people aren't in the loop tech wise and a little reassurance from R* may ease some frustrations.
How hard is it to post an update??

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There already is! Saw the trailer about a year ago.

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I think that is the reason. Always amused me that they picked names that were a little 'fogeyish' over here. Gordon Chan, Tony Leung, Edison Chen was a weird one, but my favourites were Danny and Oxide Pang!

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Its been reported on the Rockstar twitter page, where they say it shouldn't ruin the experience for others.
I'm not convinced though.

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Well said Posted.
So instead of being concerned with REAL women doing this kind of work, It's more disturbing that a digital woman is showing her Bristols?
This game is mirroring reality, not vice versa.

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"I have a protruding hip, I'ts not a semi.."

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Here, here.

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I don't think gaelic was trolling, I just think he meant GTA is available or better known to more people?

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Have people become so pathetic that they cannot sell anything without the aid of Gamestop or similar companies.
I keep hearing this argument with phys vs digital games, that Gamestop only give you x amount of £/$.
Sell it on E-bay or in the classified ads and get the price you want or as near as.
BTW I love my Vita and Killzone Merc is mind blowing for a handheld game.
Long Live Vita!

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Oh, you used your trademark "Circle Jerk" phrase again! surprising.

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The last paragraph tells its own story
"apparently considering letting you buy a game digitally and then sell it"
Apparently AND considering in one sentence. That doesn't fill me with confidence.

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Not Sony fanboyism. Just fanboyism.

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