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Only 1 Vita game since launch!? Why'd you buy it? Ive had at least 20.

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Who's disagreeing with people wanting Patapon? You may not want it, but why disagree? Just move on.

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Oh Yeah, Star Wars in the hands of Disney and EA, what could go wrong?
Although, in fairness, Lucasarts made a right hash of anything Star Wars related post 80's.

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Yeah its Sonic 1. Up 1+2? Alex Kid on Mastersystem?

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I'm a Psychology student, and while evidence does indicate that viewing or experiencing violence in general can increase the rate of violence among subjects, it's foolish to blame a violent game on an act of violence. I can guarantee there is a larger underlying issue in acts of violence.
Studies on children watching violent shows does seem to point to an increased level of 'violent' acts afterwards, but I think there is a gulf between play fighting and attacking and w...

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Ah! How could I forget Puggsy? Completed an emulated version of that a few years ago. Psygnosis always made games look a generation ahead of the platforms they were on.

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Good game. Crap character.

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Yeah Kid Chameleon was My favourite, couldn't b bothered to read the article so dunno if Dynamite Heady is on there, but that was awesome too.
Earthworm Jim?

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Unbelievable! I'm totally hooked. I'd maybe understand a 7, but 4!? This is not a below average game in ANY sense. What a berk.

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I barely play my PS3 either. Persona, Ragnarok, lumines, Blazblue, Ev Golf, Sine Mora and now S Sacrifice have kept me busy for months and months.
Oh and the awesome PSP games I didn't play first time. Valkyria chronicles II is the business!
I love you Vita! xxx

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HA HA. Oh dear "SatanSki". Oh very dear.

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Love this and Blazblue, but no online took it from one of my must haves to not interested. I'm gutted.
I know it will be good but I want to test myself against others, even if I do get creamed every fight!

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You speak like a caveman! "David Cage like a Hollywood"?
Heavy rain kept me involved and i'm sure this will too. you haven't seen enough to make judgements yet.

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Would it really hurt to make some creative decisions instead of purely financial ones? Also it helps to build up kudos amongst fans, by denying the original Playstation MH fans they have lost a lot of revenue and credibility. IMO.

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You dont see something wrong with a person being able to earn more in one year than 99% of people could earn in their lifetime?

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I got the same feeling with Dishonoured. It was a good game, but you would have thought it was a revolutionary once in a lifetime acheivement the way some reviewers spoke about it. 8/10 for me.

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Ragnarok Odyssey gets overlooked a bit also. I wasn't sure at first but it gets its hooks in and i'm totally addicted now.

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I couldnt forgive them for the mess that was, er? what was the first PES on PS3? I forgot?
Anyway that was an absolute mess, the replays were abysmal and I couldn't believe they would release it in that state. That was the last PES I bought and I had all the PS2 versions.

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