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You explained the point well about subjectivity but ended with
"but we all know its just the....."
WE don't all know that, that's your opinion.

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Is it your quest to insert the term 'Circle Jerk' in every single one of your comments? Ive seen it 3 times already in one day.

On topic, looks nice, but I wonder how long it will take me to get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Surprise me Crytek.

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That sound very new and exciting in the fighting game genre, a grappler you say?! Air attacks?!

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What a cool thing to say /s

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I remember it seemed to go on forever. Can still recall the theme music.

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And the golf mini game.

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Do you keep every game you purchase? I have sold nearly every game I've ever owned. This argument about renting is ridiculous and trying to deflect the fact that MS is giving away games that you could get change back from a fiver.

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Yeah, thats true, but it's more the principle. I'll try the trial version then decide if it's overpriced

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I was really interested until I saw the £11.99 price tag.

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"At least MS was more transparent in their goals."
Need I type more?

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I do agree, it is stupidity, and I don't believe religion is completely to blame but the Catholic church and others have a lot to do with it. This deep hatred and disgust is planted at an early age.

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Terry Bogard and Ryu.

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Sadly religion is behind most of this attitude. I don't understand the agression towards homosexuality? Would they be that angry if a woman approached them that they found unatractive?

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That is literally in the top ten most stupid and ignorant comments I have EVER read.
The world would be a better place without people like you.

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Oh. And mental, intolerant headcases like you should roam free to spread your poison?
And what are these laws of mankind you speak of? Who made these laws? Let me guess....

@Rav - Beat me to it!

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Thank you for having some sense

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Yeah, I thought that @Icicle. Racist sure gtfo, but I don't see a prob with the other two.
Just say racist.

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It's not cool man, stand down.

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I thought it was quite the opposite? I got the impression it was all about how small and inconsequential we are as a species and that nature and evolution will sweep us aside. Nature seemed to be a big theme, fungal infections, the savage nature of humans/animals and the scenes of trees and plants taking over the once urban environments.

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I'd chew the fingers off my left hand for a grasshopper/Platinum games collaboration. I love Suda games, but I agree they can be technically flawed at times. One thing I will say is many games I've played, I've completely forgotten huge sections yet the same can't be said of Suda games. Killer7 is prob in my top 10.

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