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Mmmmwahahaaa, Muhwaaaahaahaaaaaaaaa.

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Dunno if these comments are aimed at my comment, but I did purchase the Vita day one and absolutely love it!!
Just thinking how I would have felt if they had dropped the price after I had paid full price for it.

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I'd like to think that Sony is having a little respect for the folks that bought the Vita early by not dropping the price. But then maybe I'm a gullible fool?

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Yeah. No where near as good as Smash Bors, eh.
Jog on TROLL.

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Vive la Revolution!!

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Did you play 3??? Easily the best

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I quite liked Condemned 2, pretty disturbing in parts. The bit where a crazed bear jumps out on you made me drop a nut.
The shouty business at the end was a bit lame though.

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I can't put my finger on it, but I just keep coming back for more. Recently started playing Demon's Souls again only to find out that if you press Forward and R1 without a weapon equiped you can perform a headbutt!!
Very few games keep me coming back for more, but the souls games just have a great atmosphere partnered with a unique online mode, you can just hang around and see what other idiots are doing.

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For every one you reach with this message, another ten will be oblivious or not listen to reason. I respect you and your views sir, yet I feel it is futile.

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The title is written in past tense "what went wrong" etc..
Has the Vita died then? I love mine and am excited for P4, Killzone and Guilty Gear.
It may have been a slow start, but were at the beginning, not the end. Berk.

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Yeah I saw this on the store and thought I wouldn't be interested even if it was £5, but £14.99, for what to me seems like a mini game is a bit of a cheek.

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Don't you mention DmC in the same sentence as Bayonetta. Rapscallion.

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I agree. It's kind of like a film director making multiple versions so as not to offend some here or so it's not too confusing for the mentally challenged there. It would confuse things and, almost always, the best creations are ones that have a set vision.

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Please. Nobody's playing Blazblue anymore on Vita. Such an awesome game too.

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new or inexperienced players just need to get over the fear factor of failure, and practice. Most games have an opening period where you run around like a headless chicken but you learn from your mistakes and get incrementally better.
No patience these days.

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I bet you wear a cap backwards.

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In respect to Batman and Star Trek, there were very little, if any change to the core stories, characters and things such as the Enteprise etc.
If in Batman they had changed his back story and drastically changed his look, people would have (rightfully) gone nuts. Right?
Kirk and Spock still looked like Kirk and Spock, one was still human, one still a Vulcan.
Not the case with DmC. That aside though, my main problem was the change in combat mechanics and such.

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Jesus H Christ. Its over people. When Capcom can start paying off media giants such as the Norfolk Daily News there's no hope left for the industry, perhaps mankind. It's all over.

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It wont live up to the hype, yet apparently many expected it to be an unmitigated disaster????
I've only heard good things tbh, but this is a confused message, thus I did not read.

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Do any of these "Journalists" actually have their ear to the ground? After all the complaints about how easy it is to get SSS, we get this.
If its not a walk in the park, what is it?
A stumble in the garden?

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