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Poor controls? I am quite literaly speechless as far as your comment goes.
"Load of crap"???
I respect your right to have an opinion so I'm just going to put it down to you being mental. Or more likely a troll.

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I bet it will be reasonably priced.
People must be out of their mind paying the prices charged on the PS store. Discounted. Fine.
50% mark up on a retail version. Mental.

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I hate the phrase 'Haters gonna hate'.
Oh and 'butt hurt' if your asking.

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Honestly, have you read and understood some of the criticism and complaints aimed at this re-boot?
I think some (most?) genuinely are trying to stop companies selling out to the lowest common denominator, its happened at the cinema and TV, now the money men are creaming as much from games as they can and leaving it a crumpled wreck.
Thats not to say that NT aren't a half decent developer (personally I'd like to punch that tameem character).

Sometimes ...

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"I'm convinced Ninja Theory was the best choice for this reboot"
REALLY!!! Surely Platinum Games would have suited it better?
Maybe they couldn't, too busy or whatever, but NT the BEST choice?
I'm calling foul with these previews too. Either these people are completely oblivious to the reasonable points being made by critics or something sinister is afoot?

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I ordered my copy from a catalogue dated for 7th December and got an E-mail today saying it's on its way? It better be as it's a present for my daughter. But I'm unpacking it tommorow and playing it. What? She's 5. She doesnt understand sealing etc..

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They told you that did they?

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And there's a deal, in the UK at least, where 3 months of PS+ is going for £7.99. That's £7.99 for a 3 month rental of 2 of the best games the Vita has to offer.

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It's all about the combat. Devil may cry (and Bayonetta) had the most refined and awesome combat mechanics in any game of it's type. The old arcade games like Final Fight and Double Dragon had next to no story, but we (anyone over 25) played them to kick peoples ass in the coolest way possible.
That is the essence of DMC, ree-booting it and messing around with controls that were extremely tight and refined is a shame to me. Capcom died when its best devs left. LONG LIVE PLATIN...

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This is the kind of game I want for my Vita. Awesome.
Don't get me wrong, Uncharted and big budget games look and play really well, but I haven't stopped playing this for weeks.
#2 on the leaderboard, not blowing my own trumpet. I am.

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I got mine with a 4GB card, sold that for a discount on an 8GB and so on until I finally got a 32GB card.
They are pretty pricey but if you shop around or buy second hand you can get a reasonable price.

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Can I please comment on how the term 'Butt hurt' has gotten old extremely quickly and makes me squirm with irritation everytime some pre-pube troll uses it.
It's like the kid in the playground (or Cartman) who heard a naughty word from their older brother and wont.stop.f'
I'm not claiming to be the decider of cool things here, but i just associate this word with dicks now.

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Hanso, dont worry I wont be handing my money over for this 'Re-boot'. This is a personal moral/ethical decision based on Capcoms' demise and Ninja Theory's arrogance.
As a stand alone game perhaps? Unlikely tho >_<

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I really liked DMC4?! WAS stupid making you go back through the levels but as with all the DMC games (maybe not 2) combat is king.

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They could have stamped COD on a turd and squashed it into a box and it still would've made the top ten.

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No, you trolling berk! The GAME is a disaster. So are the ex team that made it. And Activision for that matter for making them rush the game.
The Vita's great. If people don't want to buy one or it doesn't sell well and dies an early death then so be it, but it's a great piece of kit with some great games.

Also you say you feel sorry for Sony, yet you apparently 'Laughed out loud' at this being a disaster for them?

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F the cast.

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Convinced my g'friend to get this for our kid for xmas, but I'm gonna play the s**t out of it.

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I'm completely torn by this one? I HATE the fact it's a rushed afterthought with a ridiculous price point, I hate EA and their business ethics, yet on the other hand I just dont believe it's THAT bad? I bet the multiplayer is pretty good for a handheld, and Unit 13 was pretty good, that was just mission based.
Should you score a game lower due to EA pricing it as a full console game? It p***es me off but thats a subjective issue.

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