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Wtf is wrong with his face!?! I don't really like the old Turtles films, but it looks like Michaelangelo has had some dodgy surgery in this one. Blue contacts too!
Should never have tried to make the turtles look realistic, its just weird.

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Not in Europe they haven't!

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I remember playing Friday 13th on my ZX Spectrum and being terrified.
Splatterhouse was the coolest thing ever to a 10yo
kid in the arcade. I used to stand and stare at the 'insert coin' intro screen until someone with money came along and played it. Oh the memories......

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Didn't play 13, but in 12 I barely got through an online match without someone quitting when losing. And I recieved nothing for wasting my time, I guess the quitters weren't penalised either?

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Sorry Loki, but a devout Christian does not know the difference between fantasy and real life.
Your whole belief system depends on zombies being real.
People dont come back from the dead. Never did. Never will.
Take a look around the world, does it really look like there is an element of control by any supernatural being? Continue praying for a new job or car etc.. while millions continue starving around the globe.

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But you can go back to the point just before making a decision, so you don't have to re-tread the whole game back to that point.
Just in case people read that and think you have to do it all again.

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You, sir, are a fool of the highest order. The other reasons for loving this game are the atmosphere, customization, the unique online aspect, the history and characters, the need for skill rather than hacking away aimlessly, so many elements combined to make an awesome whole.
I still don't get how loving this game makes me a retard?

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I believe I can fly. Even after the accident.

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I'm a little bit excited. Dont tell anyone though im embarrased.

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I never preorder games. I've preordedered the **** out of this game though.

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The words "might" and "crawl" are a bit disheartening tho.

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Stone the crows. I aint not never 'eard nuffin like it.

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Agreed. Perhaps one of my favourite games ever made. IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!

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And Soul Sacrifice real soon!

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Does this "working on the computer" involve a webcam perchance?

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Pre-order on PSN for the one off special price of £59.99!

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This dude again? He/She's been trolling all the MGR articles all week.
Dont be bitter, it has some flaws but the more I play it the better it gets. It's all kinds of awesome.

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I want the demo, but sometimes it spoils the wonder of delving into the full game for the first time.
In this case I'm gonna skip as Im as certain as I could possibly be that this game will be mental good.

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Now. I want it now. Tbh Nintendo can keep Monster Hunter if Vita owners can have this and Soul Sacrifice. Good trade off I say.

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