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I think buying ANY console for ones parents can bring a family closer together; I don't think there is anything particularly special about the Switch in this regard.

Case in point: When I got my PS4 Pro, I gave my original PS4 to my parents. My mum (60 years old) isn't a "core" gamer, so I didn't expect she'd use the PS4 much, but she insisted on getting a PS+ subscriptions, just so we could play Tricky Towers online together.


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1. The obvious selling point of Switch.
2. I honestly hadn't even noticed the PS4 taking 35 seconds to start from rest mode. Many TV's take longer than 4 seconds to start anyway, so the actual difference in time it takes to start playing may be somewhat less in many cases.
3. Quality vs. Quantity. Switch may have more ways to play, but the PSVR is a far more interesting alternative way to play games than anything offered by the Switch (although yes it's not ...

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Price is fine. It's already way cheaper than Switch despite being way more powerful and having way more games.

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I don't think fan noise depends on model. I have the original launch PS4, as well as the original launch PS4 Pro, and both still run extremely quietly. My friend also has an original launch PS4, and his literally sounds like a hair-dryer. I wouldn't have believed a console could even get that loud until I heard it for myself.

My PSVR's Processing Unit is louder than either of my consoles.

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Misleading title much? Every version has the same content. I guess "Assassin's Creed Origins has longer draw distance on Xbox One X version" wouldn't get as many clicks.

I have zero tolerance for click-bait headlines, thus is now blocked on my system.

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"Unfortunately, the industry collapsed in 1983 and nearly killed video games altogether."

When is this US-centric myth going to die? The videogame industry was never at risk. Outside of the US, the industry remained healthy and videogames were as widely played as ever. Europe had the Spectrum and C64 to thank for that. Does anyone honestly believe that had Nintendo not "saved" the US from videogame doom, people would not have just flocked to these ot...

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I'd probably buy a Switch if they launched a non-portable version with an appropriate reduction in price.

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This is going to be another Ouya isn't it?

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They gave me a reason to actually want to play Skyrim, which was good enough for me.

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You can't do VR over the cloud, so yes?

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Some equally relevant questions:

"Should Adults Watch Movies?"
"Should Adults Watch TV Shows?"
"Should Adults Listen To Music?"
"Should Adults Read Books?"

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Why would I want to pay more to play old games with more lag and less image quality than they originally had? It's not hard to figure out why PlayStation Now was a terrible idea.

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Yes, it's possible that I may be interested in a Switch in the future, but unlikely given Nintendo's poor track record in supporting the Wii U and Wii, as well as some boneheaded decisions with the Switch, like the smartphone requirement and charging a subscription to rent NES one game per month.

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Of course it is because the bar hasn't been set very high by anyone else.

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I own a Wii U, so Zelda isn't doing anything to sell me on the Switch.

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So what does this controller have that makes it so much more expensive than a DualShock 4?

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Wow, I'm usually on top of things like this, especially when it comes to PlayStation VR. I already downloaded the game on my PS4, but wasn't aware of the VR support. Not sure how I missed that. I will play this weekend.

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As far as I can tell, this controller lacks the light bar (and perhaps the motion sensing capabilities?), so it will be incompatible with a lot of games, including pretty much all PlayStation VR games.

Also, that stick placement and d-pad look horrible.

I do wish Sony would make their own official elite equivalent with full compatibility, standard PlayStation layout and decent d-pad, instead of just relying on these third party manufacturers to churn out ...

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This is correct. I've blocked Forbes on my network because it's clear that they can't be trusted to provide objective non-biased articles.

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Article has a point. If you don't care about portability, then all you have left is a console that's riding on Nintendo first-party games, since it doesn't offer any features that are unique enough to attract third-party exclusives, and non-exclusive third-party games are going to be much better on PS4/XBO, so why bother playing third-party games on the Switch?

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