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I cant play halo seriously anymore due to MLG kiddies running around rampant, the skill level is way too high for me, so i find myself falling back to CoD where i can be host and GOD it up with my 3.15 KD.

MLG ruined Halo for me, NO one seems to play it for fun anymore. I mean i deliberately betray 1 retard and the entire team turns on me... WHY!? Im enjoying myself at the expense of others..... is that a crime?

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Well i dont buy EA games so maybe its my fault. i have 2 EA games out of my 20 games Bad Company and Burnout Paradise. Dont like the sport games that EA produce, simply because its all American sports that have no relevance here in australia.

PS3 owners need all the games they can get, especially with the lack of first party exclusives......... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!



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Thats cause your a retard.

Warney is a legend (sex addict and man whore) but a bloody legend. If only all blokes were like him.

Greatest cricketer since Bradman, but worst poker player EVER!

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i think it will be:

1) Modern Warfare 2
2) Halo 3
3) Halo ODST
4) CoD [email protected]
5) CoD 4

Modern Warfare 2 will be #1 for a while because all Halo noobs seem to flock to it like crazy (me being 1 of them). Im awesome at CoD but average at Halo. The skill level required to play Halo is really high especially with MLG kids running rampant, where as CoD well what can i say? on my host I = GOD!

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Yes i will have fun playing my expansion pack while you wait for Unsharted 2, you can think of me having fun playing a new XBOX 360 exclusive.

Feel free to disagree if your butt hurts and tell your mum i said hi

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Im in the same situation as you, so dont worry

As to my knowledge, shields are gone, dual wielding (may only be possible with pistols) is gone, health remains the same (like CoD replenishes over time). From what ive seen in the videos you can have double the ammount of grenades, which is a plus.
But you gotta remember they arent spartans so they will move slower, wont be able to jump as high, less health, and wont be able to inflict as much damage in a melee as a spartan. ...

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Yeah 360 owners are bums who have money to spend on playing GAMES, while the PS3 owners are still trying to work up enough money from when they bought their PS3. Must be that blu-rays fault, dont think PS3 owners have the brains to realize that the PS3 is also a gaming console.

but his comment proves his absences of a brain so thats fine, ill just check his collar and give the number ring, and then someone from SDF will be along shortly to return him to his cage in the basement o...

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huh must be a echo in the room or your just repeating what dipsh*t wrote.

No need to brown nose with your favourite PS3 fanboy warren or what ever he calls himself.

You both have your heads so far up your arses, that all your doing is talking sh*t.

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wow since when has Ubisoft ever been known to push hardware to the limit. Gears looks better than Splinter Cell.

And next week on PS3s graphics are getting worse!.... YEAH RIGHT!.

The 360 will reach it limit first and the PS3 will always be better graphical machine, thats just obvious. BUT thats still doesnt make me want to buy a PS3, since absolutely none of their exclusives interest me in the slightest...... ok maybe Grand Turismo, but my mate ...

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For peoples information and to those who are trying to predict GOTY, show me when a Exclusive last won the award....... too my knowledge they have all been multiplat, which means CoD MW2 will win the award.

But that being said EVERY game site gives a different opinion, for example you know without a question of a doubt that will give it to either Uncharted 2 or Grand Turismo 5, but then again will give it to ODST.

i personally will be lookin...

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Thats funny as of right now, theres only been 2 halo games this gen

Halo 3 (Bungie)

Halo Wars (Ensemble Studios)

In my opinion, Halo Wars doesnt count as a Halo game for it wasnt made by Bungie. While i still enjoy Halo Wars its just not the Halo that we all know.

If your not counting GT: Concepts as games then Halo wars doesnt count

And which means theres really only going to be 3 Halo games this gen.

PS Halo 4 has...

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sh*t graphics for a sh*t game.

Final Fantasy is the worst franchise ever, give it back to sony. Why in hell microsoft would want it is beyond me, the game only sells in japan and thats also the only group of people the game targets. if a couple of foreigners decide they like it, its just a plus.

Why is a game which its gameplay is based on taking turns at attacking each other considered good. Reminds me of War tatics back in the 17 and 18 century, line up and take tu...

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your the only one whinging about it so how does it affect you??? care to explain?

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i knew you'd like that joke, because its true.

did i make you laugh? thats what i was going for. If you didnt laugh well clearly you dont understand why its so funny, if you were offended by it then it must be true that you do infact pee sitting down.

You sharp agressive reply will prove my point once again

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Does this mean im not allowed to play nude no more?

Cause last summer here in Australia it was killer 45 degrees Celsius and i spent quite alot of the summer nude, while playing xbox live.

Or are they talking web cams, cause i aint got one and dont have the intelligence, brain power or time to hack a xbox.

But i have been suspended from xbox live twice for "Offensive" material in my motto and bio. So maybe i better think twice before i do it ag...

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i dont have a spin for you but i have a fact

ALL PS3 fanboys (including yourself, that being you mooey) pee sitting down.

Im pretty sure thats the kinda comment you thrive on, nothing to do with your challenge but im sure i made you laugh.

(look out for the "peeing sitting down" in further comments later on, ive got a really good 1 brewing up for ya)

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LOL ^^^

Unsharted 2.

the PS3 thought it was gunna fart but it then turned into a crap and then turned out to be just nothing. Lol this guy just gave all the 360 fanboys a new name for the Uncharted franchise, and its a good one.

PS3 fanboys really are good at making up ridiculous names, they seem to roll right out of your mouths.... consistently

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actually its winter in Australia so, yeah its f***ing cold.

I dont understand this, i only no of 1 person with a wii and he gave it to his little brother. where it gets the support from here in Australia ill never know. The country is very 360 heavily dominated.

the DS i can understand because it is 3x better than a PSP, thinking of getting a DS for Scribblenauts.

But all this would explain the ammount of Wii/DS and Nintendo products advertised on the TV...

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Im not gunna both debating this, purely because of the source of this article. well i guess in a few hours there will be a article 'Xbox 360 takes the crown again' from

so i guess that will balance out the universe.

Reading this article still doesnt make me want to buy a PS3, show me a article that would make every 360 gamer want a PS3. So until then 360 is still the King

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