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Holy SHIT!
As someone who has read all the books all the games, all the minigames i am gobsmacked! i am so hyped... i shouldnt have watched the trailer. this seems like the kind of story you get from the books. not the games. Speechless really.

Bring it 343i i cant wait.

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match-making for raids would be the best feature. actually match-making in all modes. they marketed it as a coop MORPG so make it one.

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They buggered the system up more by swapping the the material for marks around. Ever since they did that to get marks takes far too long.
Having to buy materials at vendors using your marks is stupid when getting materials on all planets is incredibly easy if your in the right areas. I have something like 1200 spine metal that is pointless now but I cant let it go lol

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"Italian newspaper Repubblica vs GTA V: "degrading women is not a game" "

just like bitching about video games aint journalism. surely there are more pressing matters in the world right now than 'degrading' video games...?

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well this is interesting :/ you bunch of wankers. get off your arse and go for a walk and stop twiddling your thumbs infront of a tv... you think your having an adventure or killing your just sitting on your fat arse pressing buttons. this is partially where our now obese generation originates from. get activated! and by activated i dont mean your stupid games! thankyou.

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I don't give a fucken rats arse what people say this is 1 of if not the best game of the year. Story had me from begining to end... fucking love it. Definitely worth the $79AUD i paid for it.

Yes it is a Assassins Creed 2.5 but better everything. Best and only game that hasnt let me down all year... actually to think of it in the last 3 years i have only enjoyed 4 games. Assassins Creed 2, Borderlands, Mass Effect 2 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood... funny how all the GOO...

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the only issue i am experiencing is all party members not making it into the game. usually 4 out of 6 make it and the other 2 drop.

But other than that, i cant say i have had any problems... i only search locale only and i have the fastest internet in Australia so 99% of the time i am hosting. So i have nothing else to say...


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looks promising, but to judge whether or not the game is any good i will have to wait until it launches in november. i wont say what i liked or didnt like because chances are, that alot will have changed come release day.

But i does just look like another CoD to me. and i lol'd at the mid air dive, would be hilarious watching people do that over balconies.

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I can think of 1 game which even todays games fail in comparison...

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Most amazing game i have ever played, no game has come close to achieving the same level of story and gameplay quality as this game did.

Dont anyone dare say that Zelda Majoras Mask was better... because your just wrong.

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Nice... this is the game i always find myself falling back on when im bored or in need of a good story.

at the moment im on my 4th run through of ME2, and trying to keep my entire team alive this time.

Mass Effect 3 is gunna be EPIC

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Hate 3D it give me a head-ache. And after watching Avatar for 3 f***en hours is was ready to go homicidal on everyone in the cinema, and that was purely because the movie was sh*t.

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i gotta agree with snes.

While i dont own a PS3 i have still spent a good 10hrs playing the game at a mates house, and i fail to see how its any different from battlefield. The player feels weighted and slow... although the game does have the best sprint action in a FPS i have ever seen, feels and looks natural.

KZ 2 all round is a decent game, being a 360 gamer i had alot of trouble adjusting to the controls but if your a PS3 gamer you probably didnt take an...

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@ Shadow Flare

Over a lifetime Gran Turismo 5 probably will beat Halo Reach, but as for Day 1, Halo Reach cant be touched.

Im almost willing to bet that Halo Reach would already have 3x the ammount of pre-orders that GT5 has.

By the way i am a massive GT fan, even though i dont own a PS3. but which game do you honeslty think will still be played by more than a million gamers a day a year after launch? sorry but Halo Reach is more likely to ta...

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Kinda reminds me of the South Park episode where Butters watches 'Backdoor Sluts 9'... and i quote "whoa! whats going on down there?"*Butters looking at groin*

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WTF? i she seriously suggesting Japan and Australia are more likely to enjoy porn than America?

Okay this lady is a f***en fruit loop... America is home to the largest porn industry in the world, which would mean there are more people who enjoy it... which would tip the likely hood of it being sent to her son by a fellow American.

I personally vowed never ever to watch porn again after i saw '2 girls 1 cup', that sh*t has scarred me for life... just c...

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it is a reason why i refuse to buy DVDs and CDs. But i always pay for games... either at JBHiFi or EB (ashamed to say)

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You get use to it.

but like EB games said in their tweet, you just tell them your saw it cheaper at JB HiFi or Big W or Kmart and they give it to you for tha price... pretty simple.

But yes the prices are bullsh*t.

This is why when yank and poms start whinging about prices of games they are actually whinging over $5, but when we whinge we're whinging over $50.

for me at the moment work is a bit quite and im only bringing...

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343 have Frank O'connor who was 1 of the creative directors of Halo 2 and 3... so it should be pretty much safe...

And i think its pretty safe to assume even though bungie are putting Halo aside i think they will always in someway continue to contribute towards the franchise, whether its helping the developers or making some DLC... i dont think they will ever really and truly walk away from their baby.

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Looks pretty damn awesome...

Just hope its in the same league as Combat Evolved... story wise.

looks like its time to pre-order

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what if the guy with the knife is falling from a height right above you and even though you have decorated the ceiling above with his entrails, he still manages to land a knife in your eye ball?

Tell me you would survive that sh*t.

But i get what your on about... i hate the fact that someone can knife you while dual-wielding another gun.... it defies all logic, and i hate lack of logic in all respects.
How insanely fast do your reactions speeds need ...

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