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Oh and like Uncharted 2 isnt generic??..

Seriously people pull your heads out of your a***s. All shooter now a days are generic.... why? you may ask?.... because every kind of shooter has been done all ready. and done a million times over and over.

Calling Mass Effect and Halo generic, is exactly the same a as calling Uncharted and Killzone generic. because they are all shooters and they are all exactly the same as one another. just different coats of paints, stories...

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LOL! Childrens Lobby Groups!

Ive never seen the ad on TV.....ever!

People gotta remember that its rated MA 15+ RESTRICTED, which means anyone under the age of 15 should NOT be playing the game. But i dont understand why these single middle aged men and women whinges seem to think they know what affects children and what doesnt.

If the parent aint worried why should they be?...

And while they are at it, why dont they start classifying the New...

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.......How do i 'Turbo Fire' or 'Rapid Fire' a gun???

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Honestly MW2 CANNOT be on the list for 1 reason......its not out yet.

If they are picking games from the list of still to be released games, then i would put Assassins Creed 2 in over Resident Evil 5.

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Microsoft may as well have eaten their own nose by coming out and saying this.

But as a 360 gamer i say whats the point?? if all it does is play Blu Ray movies why would you pay full price for a NEW Blu Ray player when you can get them now for about $125??

If it played games..........well it would be different, but from what i understand it doesnt. So... it seems like a pretty pointless idea to me.

I myself dont buy any movies, i more or less just downl...

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Yes, because thats how much it costs in Australia anyway, or atleast the starter kit anyway. By itself it goes for about $70.

So suck it up you whingeing little yanks, its only money.

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"I'll be diving right in splitscreen with my wife."

I've never heard of this position before.... i will ask my girl friend if she knows and if shes interested in giving it ago. wink wink. And buddy somethings are better done without the company of your female partner, they always tend to find a way to ruin everything.

Ill be picking the game up on the way home tommorrow after work so im really looking forward to giving it a whirl.

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and whats your point?

you aint happy with marketing tactics?....MS just like Sony are money hungry corporations, they dont care about what you like or want. all they want is the money thats in your wallet.

i had thought the world was use to this by now....

I for one will buy every Xbox MS put out and every Halo game thats released..... why you ask? simply because i like MS products and games better than that of Sony. Only a PS3 fanboy would say Im and id...

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Great loved it back on N64.

But what happened to the Golden Eye arcade version rumour that was going around a while ago. Is it still coming or was it just bullsh*t.

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Ill be pre-ordering it anyway when i pick up MW2.

Hopefully it consists of extra missions, weapons and armour.

I am seriously anticipating this game. For me its the #1 AAA Must Have game of 2010.

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damn, what rock did you slither out from?
If you've never heard of Borderlands then their is NO hope for you, so turn yourself around and get back to Uncharted 2.

On topic:
I personally dont think Patcher has anything to worry about with Borderlands. the game is already receiving decent reviews. Is it a filler between AAA titles....yes, but the game will stand on its own. I cant wait for the game personally. Its been a long time coming and looks promising.

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Vibrant mode isnt a mode it is a gamma option. And NO it doesnt make the game graphically superior to Uncharted 2. all it does is add in more colour, or take away some of the dullness if you will.

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oh wow another microsoft product hacked. i am so shocked to be reading this.

Still i guess its better than the PS3 which you can hack with a USB 2.0

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LOL your beloved Uncharted 2 didnt even crack the top 50!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

cry more!

Guess PS3 gamers still dont want the best looking console game ever released!

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With that logic, that means GT franchise is a multiplat franchise.
being they are made for both console and PSPs. MGS is multiplat. OMG the PS3 exclusive mulitplat list goes on and on.

But let me guess thats different isnt it?

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all the same.

the money you PS3 owners spend on the PC versions, goes straight into Microsofts pocket.

So i thank you Droids for supporting the ultimate gaming corporation.

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if you say so

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he can play it...... just gotta buy and over priced console first,
im sure the blokes got money.

Although i am going to buy a PS3 come GT5, to me Uncharted 2 is nothing but eye candy, very very very good bordering on the lines of surreal graphics.... i didnt like the first, so i absolutely dont see how the game can entice me with a just the worlds greatest console graphics.

What turned me off the most was the Tomb Raider copy cat story (hate treasure hunters......

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Hasnt stopped be from pre-ordering Assassins Creed 2. i get 9 solid days to get to my first prestige and then when i start getting angry at CoD which is going to happen. i can calm down by stabbing some Templar's in the face with a hidden dagger.

I kinda lost faith in MW2 when i heard that their was no connection search preference like [email protected] had. That will ultimately be the demise of the game in Australia and New Zealand. once we start getting thrown into American and European lobb...

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ok i will do a real comment.

yes this article is a joke but i wanna point out one thing.

If GT5 has that damage system, thats awsome.... but swinging doors arent realistic. You fellas get in your car and drive along at 30mph and try and open your door.... its bloody hard and then when you bump that speed up to 60mph its impossible.

My point is under no circumstances during the race should your door be flapping about. except for when you tail whip a pole ...

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