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GhostRecon Future Solider?? WTF is that!?
Make GRAW3 instead, love GRAW and GRAW2. and number 2 definitely warranted a sequel.

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Haven't people heard the saying "One mans trash, is another mans treasure"

You PS3 loyalists have no say over what games are bought over Christmas. Remember who does majority of the christmas purchasing.... parents.

I guess next year you fanboys could do all the shopping for the parents... if that makes you happy.

And seriously who over the age of 18 gets games for christmas? Im 20 and i wont accept a present from anyone anymore, i would rath...

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I believe that MW2 is a good game but its just as bad as it is good. It definitely isn't worthy of GOTY anyway.

For its multiplayer to be considered GOOD, it has to be lag free, which its is..... if your an American.

Although Im getting a new cable broadband with speeds of up to 100mbps soon i doubt whether or not i will still be able to host over Americans, i pulled host yesterday over 9 Americans who after the game cried like little school girls about the connectio...

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how can anyone put FF and ME in the same league? time after time ME will come out on top.

There is nothing Final about Final Fantasy and its the worst RPG franchise i have ever seen. So bad i refuse to play it.

Why God WHY!? did you let them plague the 360 with FF? the 360 was the best console until that decision. I HATE Japansese games, WITH A PASSION. Which is why i am never going to buy a Playstation. Far to much Japanese junk clogging it up.

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Oh God do i hope this game lives up to my expectations

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And yet my Launch Console is still going strong.... funny that.

Sure its pretty loud sounds like someones mowing the lawn outside but you get use to it.

The 50% failure rate is far out of whack, simply because it was an open poll meaning PS3, PC, and Wii owners were aloud to take part in a 360 bashing poll. Which then all seem to take as fact.... well fanboys anyway.

If it was a poll only circulated through 360 owners i think it would still have been the...

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Hows that possible when the game is UNPLAYABLE for those outside of the USA??

I wont be playing the game again until the holiday break is over, since americans NO matter what the time will always plague matchmaking.

Of course that wouldnt be an issue if the useless terds at IW made a Locale Search Function. Played WaW (you know the better CoD game) the other day first search i found a green bar and the was only 15000 people playing!........Thats how a proper matchmak...

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Finishing by July sounds about right, clearly some people havent heard of the testing stages and classification ratings.

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Seriously people who whinge about the Model 1887s are the same hypocrites that run around and abuse the guns glory and brilliance every chance they get.

There was a reason why they werent unlocked until level 67 any sooner and then there would be a problem.

Why isnt IW focusing their time on MAKING A PROPER matchmaking search system. I can search for about 3 hours and never find a green bar game. Luckly the Americans are terrible at the game, even with their preciou...

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MW2 is determinded by hows IS American and who isnt.

its must be an unspoken law that only americans are allowed to enjoy and have the full multiplayer experience. Anyone outside of the US can look to enjoy their yellow and Red bars.

It you people think matchmaking is bad for you Europeans and Asians, imagin what its like in Australia the only solid green bars are the games im hosting, but the challenge is getting host.

me and my mates are going to star...

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EPIC ending to the video

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Um they are exactly the same. Those screen shots arent taken at the exact same time.... they are close but could be about a second between the screen grabs, which means in the PS3 screenies a frosty wind could have swept across the screen.

Probably 1 of the best ports ive seen for a game recently.

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the more i see, the tighter my pants grow.

For me as long as they have sorted out the frame rate issues and the buggy inventory (which i assume is a given) the game HAS to be GOTY contender #1.

OMG OMG MASS EFFECT 2! watch me dance and giggle like a little school girl

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i guess it never hurts to have high hopes.... but those hopes will lead many to disappointment. I see the Halo HYPE has kicked off early this time.

Normally all the hype starts with about 6 months till launch when more is known about the game but 11 MONTHS!! REALLY!?!?

People need to sit down and wait and see.

Im not expecting it to match Killzone 2 or Uncharted 1or2 graphically, but the game overall will definitely be better than Killzone2

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wouldnt want my Halo any other way, but the same.

For me Halo is perfect, it has a story i like, characters i like and gameplay i like.

Why are people to eager to turn ALL FPS games into COD???

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Is it necessary to have this as a level? No.
Is it a fantastic piece of story telling? Yes.

Like they say, theres no better way to express the atrocities of terrorism, than by par taking in the senario. I give IW and Activision a pat on the back for having the balls to actually tell this side of the story. They've done what even some Film studios wont allow.

But i get the feeling this level will question your morals, but its still just a game AND IS ALL FANTASY...

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Actually to say those games were over hyped is true, its also wrong.

All those games were hyped up by the same people you get this information from..... GAMING SITES!

Of this Gen of gaming i can only think of 1 game that has been hyped up to such ridiculous levels by it developer and thats Fable 2.....

Dont get me wrong, i loved the game thought it was fantastic. but the story was too short and well s***, and it still didnt have anything he (Peter Molyne...

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The only glitch i encounted was the ending glitched. I beat the stupid octopus thing the 'Destroyer' or whatever its called, and the women started to talk and then it glitched and cut straight to the credits with the guns crosshair still in the middle of the screen.

It was annoying but not the end of the world, im working on my second character who is level 20.

This is the first game in along time that has taken me longer than 4 days to finish, and i when i say finis...

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and they noob tube from startinng point A to B......

But come'on people we are all hypocrites of nade spamming.... we ALL cheer and say "F*** yeah!" when we pull off a cross map grenade spam, but the second someone else does it, its the last straw? seriously everyone needs a nice tall glass of harden the f*** up!.

I think there should be a campaign againt S.P.R.C = Strategically Placed Random Claymores. They REALLY PISS ME OFF!

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But if history teaches us anything, its Halo will be more hyped to the point it exceeds peoples expectations but seem to lack something that the first Halo CE had.

Im a self confessed Halo nerd and proud of it, but Halo 2 3 and ODST all seem to be missing something that Halo CE had.....i reckon that because not the enemies are nothing new and we all know the weaknesses it just lacks the same fear and panic attacks that Halo CE had.

Anyone rememb...

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