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this guy should get a Nobel prize! he single handily solved how to cure addiction!

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Graphical improvements on a game like this? That's as good as it's going to get, besides, quit complaining, play season then play try season 2, there's your graphical improvements

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good for you!

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you obviously didnt watch it... the video was taken down -_-

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as much as a sony lover as i am, i find it very annoying that people are gloating about this -_- just be happy you can play the god damn game

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haha your funny, is that you? are you promoting your own stream? i think i glanced at it, its boring, and if only i could be as cruel here, as people are on the comment section of the stream, but i dont want to get voted down :)

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there was also that one couple that got naked and you could see everything! and they didnt get banned...

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i know something thats wrong with the vita, all the articles about it!

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#@[email protected] this game! damn crappy anti climatic 90s crap story...

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woah this is like looking a evas xray in mgs3, i can see the ds4s boobs also!

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PS2 - Playstation 2

Ps2 Planetside 2

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its going to be done using their streaming service gaikai

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youre the reason ppl make those comments -_-

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really??? does it even matter its not like its a game that requires 60fps constantly... yes its laggy but come on on dude, seriously....

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games dont kill people.... the goverment does

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not true, users who do not have facebook, can not see videos pop up, trust me, i know this because it happend to me, until i linked a facebook account, i couldnt see me friends videos pop up

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you need a facebook connected to your psn to upload videos, since it only uploads to facebook right now

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buy it on your psn and when u get a vita it will be waiting for u

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pretty cool, finally an article that was right, i didnt know any of these

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its not going to be free, but i want octodad already!

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