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this is probably off topic, but around the time the arrested development series came back on netflix, theres a scene where george micheal turns off the power to the room by using his phone, and people thought he did it, because he was some genius or something, i thought it was really funny because it reminded me of watch dogs when i saw it

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haha jk... i dont even touch the ps3 version to of this game, so i dont care :)

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All these people adding you is like the end in its a wonderful life, all we need is someone playing a piano

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@sashman false! There is no pause feature

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yeah, they should sell new cars at this price too

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yeah because all the good exclusives on the ps4 will be playable on this... -_-

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You'll have a trophy list on your account like any other game, only, it will be in Japanese, or what ever language it is

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I got a boner

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I'll take use it for you then :)

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i just bought this game, its downloading to my vita, i was debating on buying it, because i know i probably wont play x2... i remember playing it as a kid, and thinking to myself back then that it sucked. if my former self thought that... what am i to think now! ugh :/

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people are buying the game because it is a well established franchise... plus the game is running on a new engine, i dont think any other developer could pull this off. besides youre not being forced to buy it, i dont see why the game is getting all this hate

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i dont have infamous early, but heres how metal gear runs on remote play

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I was playing this game in class, and not to spoil to much, I was on the part where someone was getting analy probed, vigorously... I wonder what people thought.... Plus I sit in the front so I'm positive someon saw...

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who ever is playing is a horrible player...

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tell that person to play it on the hardest setting with all those little thingys that help you, like the slow mo and the tagging, off, lets see how long it takes him

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link please

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Try the demo first, I bought the game after I beat the tutorial, and I don't do that often

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i bought it, its actually really fun, once u get the hang of it, you wont stop playing

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my thoughts exactly.

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knowing you, and i dont... your going to cave and buy it early

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