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Hopefully This Patch lets geralt Do It with anyone in the world

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Me too! I'm definetly rubbing one off when the conference starts!!

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People like you are annoying, "I said it first you see" good for you... Do you want an award or something?

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You can use the spotify app on your smart phone to choose songs, skip songs and change the volume without leaving the gamescreen

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i can turn my ps4 off and it starts back fine without sending me to the title screen

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Your boycotting will have absolutely no effect... All you're going to be doing is missing out on a good game.

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i dont get people like you and your logic...

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I'd be pissed that it wasn't announced for playStation, If I hadn't already beaten it, crisis averted

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nope that wasnt my point, i was simply stating that when sony claimed their ps4 to be the most powerful CONSOLE, that they really werent lying, they didnt say it was the worlds most powerful gaming platform, because thats obviously not true.

now im pretty sure someone might want to argue with me that maybe xb1 is more powerful but thats beside my point.

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whats your point? a console is not a pc even if it uses an x86

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well theyre not really lying, a pc isnt a console

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you are right, i miss understood your comment at first, but still, i only commented because i find these type of articles pointless

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woah awesome ill just buy this instead and play bloodbourne on it! oh wait...

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i want to play this game!

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same sound same lame same run no jets no tanks haha stupid who buy this shit
not even worth arent!!!!

said davethedj with growls and he was MAD and ANGRY!

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OH MY COD! ITS FOREST! it looks like he was attacked by a crow... or somethimg

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People like you are annoying, I guess you see yourself as a "true gamer" who force their gaming morals onto others.

People can play their games in what ever way they want stop judging others because they don't 100 percent complete a game or read into the games lore

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I feel sorry for people who label others....

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