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i must be psychic, i never check the update button on the vita, but tonight for what ever reason i check it... AND TA DA! then i come on here and sure enough... i scare myself

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i dont see where all the love for this mod comes from... ive seen people play it... i will say though that this game is an excellent cross country simulator

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looks smooth on the ps3, on the vita when your playing with 4 npcs, or 4 real players, it gets really choppy! i hope it gets a patch to fix that on release day

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or they could not show us anything at all

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my favorite boss battle music is the one when you fight The End in mgs3!!!

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the last of us is 4v4, and its fun as hell! this will work

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that would be horrible...

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this is just my opinion but... ewww

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youve played this game online???

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nah i just got this one, and everything is calibrated because the last of us sounds flawless... idc about all the disagrees i have, i know what i heard, and it sounded horrible

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the sound in this game is horrible, i tried the hour trial, i could hear so many crackling noises on my surround system... it pisst me off...

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whats with all the hate? xbox and ps have coexisted for a years ... i dont see the difference now...

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looks like xbox user will be on cloud 9!

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thats so cool! this is so minor, but you can see your characters feet!! i love that :)

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this is a joke article right??? you expect people would prefer fruit ninjas or some lame racing game like in the article picture over the last of us? or, even though i dislike this franchise, call of duty!? no way!

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ugh working for playing games all day isnt as fun as it looks... have you seen some of the people on twitch? why do you even think its called twitch, most of the people on there look all twitchy

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you dont get the awesome exclusives that consoles get, i can only speak for ps3 side, but i mean come on, if your a pc only gamer, youre seriously missing out on the last of us

btw please dont think im attacking you, just saying...

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worms world party for pc was probably the best game EVER i remember making my own game using infinite mines, base ball bats and low gravity
it was awesome

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hopefully they dont screw us by taking away certain weapons

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