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what funnier is how you guys let it get to you... its meaningless, just ignore it...

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when your filthy rich, its a drop in the bucket...

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the guy that did it is apparently loaded, so it wasnt a waste for him

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good for you, for family must be proud of u!

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you said it sister!

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just gotta wack it off a bit

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im still playing it... i keep getting stuck in cracks and having to restart!!

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true but you can see them on your ps4!!

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"So it’s how can you stay connected, maybe you’re helping your team in a multiplayer match by spotting things… doing some real simplistic things on a phone that the touch interface really contributes to, so lot of our developers are doing things like that."

NO! i dont want to support and touch my phone screen! i want to play my actual game shrunken down onto my vita!!! which i have been doing happily i might add :)

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damn i missed it! and i was watching them too...

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winter is coming....

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thank you

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i always find it funny how people come around gaming sites saying they have lives, putting other people in one way or another.

good for you, no one cares about your life, people are excited for this feature because it can come in handy when other people are out enjoying their lives.

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I really really REALLY hope you can play multiplayer through remote play for battlefield, if you can, its gonna be SOOOO cool playing it while i wait for class outside in the fresh air! :D

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your opinion...

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moe money moe problems

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i loled... AT YOU!

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idk about microsoft, but sony was developing motion control back in 2000...

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yeah we need more of this !

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