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yep i concur, of course its our opinion, but people still argue that dark souls is the better game, probably only because it looks prettier...

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that was awesome haha

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yeah ive seen those, i want MOAR!

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i was hoping for the guy to explain more stuff about the game than just playing it and saying very little, but i still cant wait to get it

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angry video game nerd videos have been in a decline ever since james started working on his movie... now cinnemasscre has been pumping out more lets play than anything... id rather watch AVGN where james is by himself, rather than james and mike... its annoying, this will also be fun to watch, conan brings good humor to video games

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heres a tip for any new people, after you get your first box, DONT RUN! you give the other team your position and they swarm you

and dont try to rambo everything, ive seen idiots run into the whole enemy team and just get wiped instantly...

its like you can spot a call of duty player when they do that... not to mention when you see them punching the air after they shoot their gun, theyre obviously trying to reload...

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god please no, dont butcher this game with a damn movie, its already a freaking movie!!!

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oh cool! ill take one

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these are becoming more frequent....

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i like having a tangible collection :)

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I can garuantee anyone , you're going to have a hard time finding this game on store shelves... Unless you pre ordered, and even then stores tend to ignore jrpgs...

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of course we should ignore you... its just YOU!

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just vote the site down...

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they werent doing an action trailer... they were trying to show us how the game has changed from previous GTA games, and what to expect....

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you probably have 1gbs connection im guessing?

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yes it does lag, even on a 50mbs connection

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anyone else think this app sucks? when you watch a video, it takes very long to load, i thought it was my internet, but my brothers 50mps connection also lagged... its the app....

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it was 5 DOLLARS! what do you expect...

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its an awesome feeling to get a console on launch date, i remember when the ps2 came out, it was a rainy day and everyone wanted to buy our ps2 from us for double the price coming out of toy r us,

the ps3 was picked up by my brother at a gamestop and when i got home from school i couldn't wait for him to get back from work,the anticipation killed me.

lets see what our day is like on launch day :D

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hopefully it smells authentic

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