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The only con I have is that their games wont be on steam... ugh origin.

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I don't think consoles hold back PC gaming or affects it all that much, You also can't forget that PC has a huge indie dev scene and a lot of those games wont make it to consoles. I say yes sometimes its affected, but not always. I use to be a console mainly gamer and now i'm a PC mainly gamer I haven't touched a console since last October and I've been really happy with games on the PC more so than I was on a console. I've enjoyed the mods and being able to tweak my g...

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Dead Rising is awesome tho!!,I actually like dead rising better than dead island to be honest.. I can see from reading your post why you where disappointed, after watching the trailer you would assume more from an emotional stand point of the game in which it lacked in every way, but I still enjoyed it.


that's not true Lawson, if you play versus in L4D2 you can play as a tank :D so technically... lol jk

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I disagree, I thought Dead Island was a solid Co-op game, I got use to the clunky controls rather quickly but I remember not enjoying the game at first, I have played the game quite a bit with my girlfriend. We have beaten the game about 2 and a half times and I think our only complaint would be a horrible story line and repetitive missions, but the game is a blast to play with friends, playing alone however is a different story, I do not enjoy playing Dead Island alone, as a single player ga...

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I liked Demons Souls nexus :P

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Steam is so Amazing isn't it! I just bought so many games from the christmas/Winter sale. More and more it looks like im going to become a PC only gamer next gen, Steam offers a better service than anyone else imo.

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I think I may just go PC next gen.. not sure yet.. Steambox looks intresting yet I have a gaming rig lol.. I say this yet I will probably end up getting a ps4 and a x720 to go along side my PC :P

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Yeah some of my friends are like that, as we grow older other things become more important wife,kids,work.. most of my friends are older thand me so they are all mostly married or on to other things.. they still play but not as much, however I'm dating this girl right now who actually plays games!(not the reason I love her, but it's badass we can chop some zombie heads off in dead island and kill some skags in borderlands).. Really its just part of life and I'm sure some day you&#...

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I agree with Crazysammy I knew what I was going to get when I bought telltale's the walking dead game. I knew it wasnt going to be open world and that the game would focus heavily on a story. I loved The Walking Dead game, but I have yet to play DayZ.

Edit: I have to say as well I did enjoy playing Dead Island, the story wans't great but the game was fun when I was playing with friends and made a great co-op game.

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No, I don't think its over rated. It was a great game and deserves goty IMO. I have always been a fan of telltale games so it nice to see them get some over due recognition. The Walking Dead is a great game, but I'm really going to miss Lee is Season 2.

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"That's great! They should have recovery centers for pirating addiction."

They do its called Steam.

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I have found my self a woman who loves gameing just as much as I do, infact I can't play games without her now. We have been playing many co-op games and we recently got into Borderlands 2 after finishing Dead Island. Its really fun and I've never been happier in my life, best of luck to them and anyone who is in love :P. The only thing better than gaming, is gaming with someone you love.

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nom nom people.

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Wow, nice site. One of the nicer ones I've seen on N4G in a while, I really love the layout. Great review, I look forward to more in the future and good luck!

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It depends on what content is offered and for how much, for example I hate Character skin DLC and buying Avatars, but I do like dlc that adds loads of hours and game modes to a game which has a great or greater story than what was originaly offerd. DLC dose not ruin or make gaming better, its simply just there, the best thing about dlc is you don't have to buy it if you don't want to but in my experiance most DLC I have gotten have been vary sub par and not worth the price and in some...

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PS4 and Gaming PC(with steam on it.. at the end of the day what ever console has the most Co-op Games :P

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Haha nice, I agree. +bubs for the funny :P

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I hope they call it the companion cube XD

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I agree, I'm up for a steam console. Steam is the best way to game, its an amazing service.

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