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No, I don't buy consoles day 1, I'm going to wait for 720 and PS4 to come out first. You guys can beta test for me :D lol

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her hand scares me :(

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Dragon Age 3 needs to be a lot like Dragon Age 1. I love Dragon Age Origins; I've beat the game well over 15 times and have the platinum trophie. Dragon Age 2 didn't suck but it was vary average, I enjoyed the story and the characters where fun, but the gameplay fell short compared to Dragon Age Origins and the combat was vary limited and repetitive. The buying and selling system was awful I missed the ability to buy and sell things at the same time, and the actual shops are everywher...

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how the hell was that trolling... ... small joke.. seriously wtf.

news for overly sensitive gamers -__- If i wanted to troll I would do far better than that.

What the hell is with the bubble system, I lost a bubble for replying to some one who was off topic, and now I lose a bubble for joking about how they got the name Wii U from the movie Kung Pow... come on really!!!

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yes, they called it "Wii U" for 1 of two reasons.

1) It's easier for babies to say

2) they love the movie "Kung Pow Enter T he Fist"

Wii u Pee u Wii u Pee u Wiiiii ;)

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I'm sorry I'm not V in the movie "V for Vendetta" like you think I am, but I regret to inform you I'm Batman :P

Your right Americans did some horrible things to build their country, but whats more sad is that all of the horrible things that american founders have done are still being done by other countrys/people today and thats the probl...

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"Well, America was built on exploitation and slave labor. Cheap labor exists because America doesn't wanna pay decent wages to its workers, thinks it's too advanced to make its own products and is too cheap to pay up. The leaders that run those "backwards" countries happen to be supported by your own government with your hard-earned money to help plunder the land of its resources for themselves and the corporations at the people's expense. "

I ...

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Far more worse things in the world than this to be worried about right now. I agree this is wrong, I would not work with any company who support this, I hope many companys stop suporrting this.

Too many backward countries in that side of the world that do brutal and unjust things such as slavery(hell in some countrys you can buy a 10 year old girl for a dollar), genocide, child labour its like they're stuck in the medievil ages and then they go and call North America une...

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I hate Ben, I really would of killed him in real life. Ben is to much of a rusk to others and himself. The group is better off with out him, and seriously he got Carley killed easily one of the best survivors in the group at the time.

Rick killed that inmate in the last episode of The Walking Dead for the same reason I would of killed Ben(ohh and I did kill him, and I also enjoyed doing it), hes to dangerous to be in the group or to have around.

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Firstly Should this really be in the PS3 section ? should mentioning the PS3 really qualify this article being in the ps3 section when it is about the 360?

This is a vary poorly written article.

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they REALLY need to nurf back stabing, it's stupid and kills the fun of fighting when someone can 1 shot you in the back.

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I like that they added the bonfires not because it makes it easier(IMO it dosen't really change it all that much, the game is still hard) but I like it because I like to play CO-OP I often help people and get help because I really love the co-op! lol

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Drugs are bad M'kay?

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As stung as I am from Skyrim(which I enjoyed playing, when I didn't get bugs poping up everywhere" Dishonored looks bad ass, I only wish you had intresting companions that fallow you around like in Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age Origins kind of ruined RPGs for me because every other game has no companions or has boring companions.(oh, please Bioware redeem yourselves with DA3, and bring back Origins convo system!!)

Dishonored looks really nice graphicly, and the comb...

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I kind of saw it coming tbh, I've read a lot of apocalypse setting type books and almost always the hero dies, and if you look at the last episode picture it shows clem alone.

The Telltale episodes remind me of the book "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. The hero dies at the end in the apocalypes world where his son has no choic but to leave his (dead)father and join a new group. I think they made a movie but I havn't seen it.

I don't see it...

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I'm not even reading this, there is no need at all for Sony to leave the gaming/console business. Why was this approved. I'm not a Fanboy I've liked most consoles and play on PC often, but ever since the Wii U was announced people have been out on full force to attack Sony and try to discourage PS fans. Doom and gloom playstation articles seem all the rage lately and no one brings any prof at all. I don't wany any of the big 3 to stop making consoles, and the day one of them d...

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I wish Sony said "We want to support PS Move more" because I have two vary dusty sets of move. I play The Fight once in a while but its a dust collecter.

This would be a cool feature, a built in mini A/C for sweaty hands :P , sounds like a killer on battery life though. lol

Devs still haven't used move at it's full potential yet :/

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@ blumatt Iagree, I want it more like SA but with a bad ass vice city type story :P..

"I also hope they bring back controller cheat codes. Putting them in with that ingame cell phone sucked!! "

This is the only thing I dissagre with, I loved the cell phone having the cheats because I never had to put them in again, I loved summoning my helicopter it made the game so awesome flying everywhere in the helicopter XD ... I remember playing GTA online and...

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I loved the episode, I had the feeling on what was going to happen. The games storyline really reminds me of the book "The Road" (Lee and Clems relationship is vary similar to "The Road" characters) mixed with zombies, a perfect combo if you ask me. I would give the episode a 8.5/10, I really enjoyed it as mush as the rest of the episodes, and as a whole sofar I'd give this series a 9/10, can't wait to see how it ends, I do not see it having a happy ending.

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- fondles Liara - >___>

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