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I like the GTX 550 as well, it's not a the best but it dose its job and tbh all most people need atm IMO. I had the 560 for a while as well and loved it.

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Half-Life 2: Episode 2! YEAH!! lol I loved the ending it was epic, the sh!t really hit the fan lol

I also enjoyed the ending to the Portal games.

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Tommy Tallarico is a legend, I'm a huge fan. I remember watching him on "Electric Play Ground" and "Reviews On The Run" years ago and I was so upset when he left those shows, he was hilarious!. I haven't been to video games lives yet but I really want to, I've seen videos of Video Games Live and it looks like a lot of fun.

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"No, no" Consuela(family guy)

I like the Controller, I like what we like to call, buttons.

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"microsoft should not be allowed to ban anyone for any reason. If someone buys the game to play they should be able to play it however they want."

I dissagree, People should not be able to play a game "however they want" that implies that they should be able to hack the game and play with advantages only they have and ruin the game for everyone else who also bought a legal copy of the game. People should be able to play a game however they want as long as ...

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thank god for that I get enough realism in real life x]

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I want all these games except Zombie U because I don't plan on buying the Wii U any time soon.(waiting for more ineresting games, and zelda)

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yay more dlc I wont be able to play on my ps3 thanks Bethesda./s

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what? ... you might as well say they're ripping off skyrim, red dead redemption, Zelda, harvest moon and any other games that have animals in it then. how is haveing a horse ripping off blops2 LOL?

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Yes great video, I always enjoy your work vary entertaining.

Old Snake would be awesome lol

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"Until EVERY game comes out with outstanding graphics, Top notch A.I., superb hit collisions, superior lighting effects and number of lights on-screen at one time, True 7.1 digital surround sound, superior online, huge well made maps, 3D etc... Ill stay with my ps3"

Sounds like the PS4 to me right there!, but in all seriousness most of the things your asking for are in the hands of the devs that make the games. The PS4 will have the power but its how the devs use it...

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I want to run over a cow!! and blow up a horse with a rocket launcher, peta will not be happy with my plans in gta for virtual animals. lol GTA 5 only keeps sounding better and better.

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"it looks like Sony is more worried about optimization, ease of development, and gameplay fluidity this time around."

That sounds great to me, I'm tired of all the bugs in some games because devs find it difficult. I do admit I was hoping the PS4 would be stronger graphics department, but I am content with its currently reported (rumored) specs. Sony making the console affordable is a lot more important than giving it super high tech graphics. A lot of you might...

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that would not be an affordable PS4/Orbis. lol

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"PS4′s APU was described today as a “derivative” of existing A10 hardware. The hardware is “based on A10 system and base platform”."

Intresting indeed I want to know more, it almost sounds a bit weaker in the graphics department than I imagined but it's to early to say that I guess, and if their goal is

"The “ultimate goal” for the hardware, we were told, is for it to be able to run 1080p60 games in 3D with “no problem,” to create a machine...

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XD over kill on ram don't you think, how much do you want the PS4 to cost ? 2GB of ram is probably enough for a console(they don't need as much as a pc), 4GB would be cool tho just because it would be awesome.

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I am ready for next gen, I could be fine with another year or two this gen but I think next gen is going to be amazing but not a big of a jump as the ps2 to ps3 jump was, but right now all I want is GTA5!!

Edit: I hope Sony makes the PS4 super easy to develop for so when devs mess up they cant blame the console being hard to develop for.

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XD this page is just too much

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"!" - Metal gear solid

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I WANT GTA5!!! RAAAWRRR!!!!... yes I rawred deal with it :P

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