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Dragon Age Origins was the best!, such a great game. I really do wish they made more games like it. I really loved the story and the world behind Dragon Age, it really is a shame that they haven't been able to repeat it's success, I hope BioWare can turn things around, I do miss the days where BioWare couldn't do any wrong, and only made great games!

I loved Origins I beat it about 15 times, Dragon age 2 was OK but not great I never replayed it, but I gotta say, I...

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I have to say your lucky!, I use to love single player games too!, but then I got married! now I have to play co-op games, and man, good co-op games are hard to find. My wife is a gamer too so if I beat a mission without her on games we are playing she gets frustrated at me, but I have to say I enjoy playing games with her.

but next to work, and the wife, gaming has slowed down a bit, I still play a lot of games but I do miss coming home from school and playing games all nigh...

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PC Beta, didn't like it, just not my kind of game, I hated the bots, gameplay was OK but it was kinda boring. I don't think I will be getting it on any console or PC, let alone PS4 if it came out for it, There is lot of hype for this game, maybe I expected more out of it. I'm going to pass this one up tho and that has nothing to do with Xbox or PlayStation lol

It's just not for me and I didn't find it fun to play.

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well, this officially creeps me out, I think i'm going to stay clear of the xbox1. I don't understand their want or the need for all the censorship, seems like a waste of time and money.

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I will be pissed if we don't get a CTF mode, I miss the hours long CTF battles from Battle Front 2 :( nothing has come close to the old SWBF2 days mp wise for me (except Natural Selection 2, *Shamelessly promotes that game cause it is awesome* but even still SWBF!!!)

I hope Dice will do a good job but still make it a Battlefront game and go in a new direction with it but still keep to its roots, Story mode with Split-screen and co-op, ability to switch from fps to tps, On...

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they both look like VCR's but I want them xD I at least want to get PS4, tho xbox one has dead rising 3 D:

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they've added a few new things, we got a new map a while back and a few changes :P I play this game almost everyday lol absolutely love it, its a real gem of a game some of the most fun playing MP I've had in a long time, there's a learning curve but its great!, also the devs are amazing the game gets so much support, I'm pretty sure there are some more maps on the way, some remade ns1 maps as well, just talking about it makes me want to play :P Aliens FTW!

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Huh, I liked actually how it wasn't serious, in fact I wish BC2 was more like BC1, I loved how the characters were in BC1. :P it was really fun. I enjoyed the Bad Company games more then the regular Battlefield games both in mp and in single player a lot more, I played bf3(pc)and went right back to bc2, surprised how many ppl play it still on pc, crazy amount of servers.

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I wish they wouldn't make these games so expensive X_X especially if its MP focused.

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Both looks great!, I favor the PS4 version a bit more tho, it definitely has the edge imo, but I'm getting the PC version.

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why thank you :}, I like lbp, fun game, and who doesn't like playing with their sacks.

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Damn, hardly come on this site anymore, forgot how bad the fanboyism is lol, that aside, PS4 looks promising, Thinking of picking one up after a price drop :P (I always wait for the price drops) looks like I'll be doing what I did last gen. Gaming Rig(Steam) + PlayStation Console, only other gaming device I would buy its Steam box, but... I have a PC.


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I agree, My biggest problem with it is I just don't want to call him a she, but most likely if they made a big deal about it, or just to be polite I would call him a she, but no matter what I will always refer to this person as a he, but its a very awkward situation. Thinking about it I guess this person has a right to be upset but should also understand how confusing this can be for other people and in my experience this isn't a common thing.

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I know a transgender person, and I find it hard to classify a gender for this person. He was born a he and wants to be a she, Well that is fine with me, I just don't want to call him a she, that's my only issue with it.

I've known many Gays and Lesbians and have always gotten along well with them but with a transgender person I guess its harder to differentiate, what if I don't want to classify him as a she ?, dose he use the little boys room or the little lady&#...

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Building a PC is the best thing to do for gaming a PC, but you can find decent PC's that will do just fine at at a store or online, but you really need to do your homework on it. You don't need to go out and drop $5000 on a PC, that's just insane. A good site to buy PC parts from is also Amazon isn't bad and sometimes cheaper.

what I would go for is mid range processor, at least 8gbs of ram, and a mid-high range graphics card, along with a good case...

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Not that I'm agreeing or disagreeing, but whats wrong with a multiplatform game ?

There are plenty of great multiplatform games out there such as GTA, Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, Batman, Far cry, Portal, and more. Why do people only need to be excited for exclusives ?

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now if they can just get rid of origin and put their games back on steam, I would be even more happy.

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meant 3 lol.. opps... derrr.


I actually want Bad Company 3 more than BF4, as long as BC3 is similar to BC2

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Cod vs BF4 ? ... that's easy the answer is Bad Company 2, Bad company 2 plays like a beast! I love the PC version, more enjoyable to me than BF4 was.

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God DAMN!! ..she is amazing.

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