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O__O!!! >___________> .. now thats what I call a sticky situation.

lol vid was awesome.

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not bad, only had time to watch the video, time to get back to work.. any chance of more eps it was intresting.

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I agree I love the episodes and it is way better than I expected, it may even be my GOTY. The last episode was a shocker, poor Kenny :(

I dissagree ceballos77mx I think the walking dead game episodes have only gotten better. Unless your talking about the web series which I haven't even watched yet, but this game is golden its a great and I'm sad theres only 5 episodes.

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lol I bet who ever put that picture there pickled it at random from a gallery of other pictures. I'm really sure that the guy who did it had no idea about it. I'm shocked at how they took this as offensive. I'm Christian and I just say "meh" at these kind of things, I don't let it bug me.... I actually laugh at it sometimes too, sense of humor grow one. ;D

" *sniff sniff* suddenly it reaks of hypocrisy in here... Well well well if it isn't t...

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Seriously O_O!,

Just looked this up..

I'm honestly shocked that people still make Dream Cast games... why haven't I known about this!!!! DAH!!!... I can't even remeber the last time I played on dream cast these games look awesome too like seriously I want to play them right now. No school better than the old school :P

I want gunlord D:


The answer to your question is the the quote you posted. I'f I saw Jerry Lambert in a video game companys ad and I didn't know it wasn't for Nintendo I would assume it was for Playstation, he is famous for his playstation ads as Kevin Butler after all, and this could make it look like many things to other people and cause damage to Sony. They should have in all honesty used a different actor in the Nintendo ad. I don't blame Jerry Lambert for being in a Nintendo ad, I'm su...

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what... are you serious ? ... maybe you forgot your "/s" :S.... I hope your not serious, yet something deep inside me tells me that you are serious

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How you write and how you talk are two different things, you shouldn't write how you talk. I know my English teacher gives me trouble for doing that.


I agree with you Carl_Shocker, When I saw the ad I thought it was for playstation at first, and then I realized it was for Nintendo. I can see why they would sue, not that I 100% agree with it but I understand it. I don't think they should of used PS KB's likeness for a nintendo ad. I'm sure...

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D; Sharpens knives. .. it better not :D

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aha! lol!!

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Release PS4 and spend 99999999999999999999999999$ on advertisements lol and release some popular games at launch a long with new IP's and 2 months of psn+ for free :D

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horrible hit boxes and lag .. nothing that hasn't been a problem in any other cod game,Blops is my fav cod currently tho and its not perfect but I wouldn't call it broken. (COD4 was my fav, but the hackers ruined it now)

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Dragon Ball kai even worth watching in I saw the original 100 times ?

I wish they made a good dbz game for once -_- .. a open world sand box dbz world own! lol

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Whats wrong with Yahtzee he awesome! .. Yes, I was serious Zero Punctuation is awesome! but it dosen't mean I 100% agree with everything he says but 99% of the time he's right on the money imo. You need to lighten up dude.

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well, you get what you pay for.. lol jk... no, seriously I know how hard it sucks to come home from a hard day of work/school and be confronted with a downed network.. at these times I normally quote Darth vader "NOOoooOOooooOOOOOOOOoooo oo"

and than I sit in a corner rocking back and forth like a crack addit going through withdrawals.

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Zero Punctuation <3 XD

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Remember the MP on dead space 2 ? thats what co-op will be like.. I only wish co-op was a separate mode.. because I agree having help makes it less scarry, but it dosen't make it anyless fun. I have all the 3 of the dead space games and I love everyone of them, even extraction was awesome in its own way. I have no doubt that Dead Space 3 will be anyless awesome as Dead Space 1 & 2, and I'm glad they're trying to keep it fresh with new ideas. I just hope with the adition of c...

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I got this game on steam extremely cheap but never finished it, the controls for that game on PC where vary awkward from what I remember.. I'll have to give it another go.

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I've been thinking of getting it on psn just haven't yet :P

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