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Halo 4, you won't lose sleep over missing blops 2 after all we get a cod every year.

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Halo 4 , Cod is getting boring now. IMO

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LOL!!! I remember that, lol so fun..

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I want tanks so badly! GTA4 was really missing the tank. I hope cheat return not many games have cheats anymore. I loved spawning the helli in GTA4, I played most of the game flying it, also I really hope we get parachutes.

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Did you just compare Twilight with DBZ and dare you!!!

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"I began to believe that maybe touchscreen games belonged on mobile devices and mobile devices only."

"Physical buttons has a much better response than that of a touchscreen, the player is never really sure if they hit the right “button” on a touchscreen as they would on controller."

I agree with this and I still think the controlers we use now are great and ideal for gaming, I wouldn't mind a redesign of the Dual Shock a more ergonomi...

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You know what I really agree with you, the GameCube collected dust while my PS2 was on every day. The wii started to collected dust after the first few weeks once I got over the whole motion controler gimmick . I'm kinda worried the same thing will happen with Wii U, I'm vary much over my old Nintendo nostalgia. I'm really on the fence about the wii u after the Wii and I don't want to be lured in by a table controler like I was with motion con...

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I came across some bugs actually, and a few were actually game breaking. I was able to reload a prior save and finish the story but it sucked, hours worth of gaming down the drain. I don't think it's as broken as some claim it to be, but I'm glad that some people are pushing devs to update their games and fix bugs. TBH the lack of DLC on the PS3 is a vary poor part on bethesda's behalf and it only hurts their reputation and any profits, the irons cold now and they should of st...

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That's still amazing for a console exclusive. Halo 4 looks well worth the buy and if you've ever played Halo you know how great the online is. Uncharted 3 (which is also pretty awesome online imo vary hard also to me anyway) only did 3.8 mill in its first 24 hours, Halo 4's 220 mill in 24 hours it's not pretty good, it's amazing. Blops 2 selling 500 mil is just insane, I honestly never expected less with all the hype it had, it will be interesting to see what GTA5 dose in ...

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"I Signed Up For Xbox Live Ten Years Ago And All I Got Was A Lousy Avatar Helmet"

Boo hoo :(.. This is like a kid that crys at christmas because he didn't get the gifts he wanted.

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Why you no like embed codes.

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Yeah cod is kinda becoming spam in the gaming industry but it sells so well, lol I'm not really hating on cod, but im just so burnt out on it, I don't know if I want another COD game, 8 is kinda enough for me atm X_X

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LOL!PS2 still kicking around.. got to love the ps2 lol

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jeez, this makes me not want to buy Black ops 2(other than the fact after 8 cod games I'm burnt out on it and bored of it). Acti has been real douchie lately, more so than usual.

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LOL!!! that is soo awesome.

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ok I was wrong than(I'm glad I was wrong really Lol, I love "clicky analog sticks"), still the Wii controller drives me crazy the button lay out is awful imo.

that would have been awesome. much better than this IMO

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"If it had one model, the pro or whatever and it was 250, I would have bought it."

I may be the only one to agree with you on this, I'm not really into the tablet controller fad, I just want a simple controller like the PS3 and X360 controllers, even the Wii u pro controller really dosen't do it for me, I don't like the lay out and from what I hear (I could be wrong on this but) the pro controller dosen't have a R3/ joy stick button on the joy sticks...

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I'm surprised no talk of Twisted Metal, there where tuns of car combat games back in the day but TM just blew them all away in the end, and is really the last man standing in a dead gener.

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Damn, I'm the opposite. I like working for my kills and using tactics, not just jumping into the action. Walking for a while in a map like the ones in BF games never bothered me because when you found an enemy it was just so intense fighting for your life while making it deeper into enemy territory, and than theres nothing like sneaking up on a nest of snipers that where giving you trouble and taking their tags. I love it when I come up to situations were I'm sneaking to the objectiv...

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Smaller than nuke town!! holy crap no thanks, thats just to small for me, I need large maps so I can strategicly hunt my prey. I don't want to be just handed a kill, wheres the fun in that.

I don't know what to think lol I hate small maps..damn it I wish I could rent the game first or play a MP demo.

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