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I'm fed up with the "graphic comparisons" and stupid fanboy crap such as this "article". While ignorable, they pop up every day as "news" from some no-name's blog.

How sad, as this site is one of my favorite for gaming news--spoiled by this kindergarten crap. Color me done here, folks. I'll find my news elsewhere.

To those who act older than 12, I'll miss your witty/insightful comments. To the rest, well, enjoy the site--its yours....

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Fair & balanced?? Right... How about Faux News? gCM

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Sue'm 'til their eyes bleed!!!! Fox News' pandering to the lowest common denominator is why I can't stomach them.. gCM

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I agree. Keighley is usually a pandering tool (IMO), but he beat her over the head with the facts. Knowing she's cornered, she smiles and references "the experts" and some new study showing that youth can't tell the difference between real and videogames (my paraphrase).. Without seeing the study, I give it a few months before that one will be totally discredited by the scientific community, but unfortunately it will still be referenced by these yahoos. Their panel was a joke also...

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I'll buy it just to play through it again.. gCM

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Grow up, Kotaku--it DOESN'T MATTER what we "believe" regarding this... Simple flamebait...

"Or will a collective inkling of doubt keep those PS3s from flying off shelves when the game hits?" -- resounding no for those who want it. gCM

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1. RRoD is a thing of the past--100% fixed. Any consoles coming in for repair will be automatically upgraded.
2. A new HD adaptor allows you to use any HD you want (we'll sell you a 320GB model if you like)
3. WiFi is now built into all new 360s; dropping price of current WiFi adaptor to a more reasonable $49. If you bought a 360 for Christmas, we'll send you a WiFi adaptor free.
4. Getting rid of the Premium sku, dropping Elite price to Premium model, Arcade sku now same...

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just saying to the guy to keep it in perspective. And no, I'm not an athiest (not that ANY of this should matter on this site)--still a Christian. gCM

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No more downloadable (pay) content for me until they fix this fiasco. The fact my family can't play the marble game unless signed in as me as total crap. If enough folks scream about it (and possibly refuse to buy content), it'll get fixed, likely before the next bulk patch. gCM

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Once I started playing it, I couldn't stop--which is rare for me, as with kids I usually get in a few moments of Madden, etc. while I can, but I was engrossed with Bioshock. Kudos for Ken and his team-- hope it sells twice as much as they have to this point! gCM

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Come on, M$, it seems from the article that you are trying to charge for everything...wrong move. Some user-gen'd content should be allowed to be free (maps, etc. ala Unreal Tourney3) if the user-developer desires, otherwise charge your points. Take a look at history, and you'll realize that you'll ultimately sell more copies of the game (PC mods, Gears of War anyone?) with great downloadable content--priced the way the user-dev wants it. If you fear competition, well, gamers are smart eno...

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I agree--doing a sequel is a huge risk (not the wallets, as it would sell tons). If its not done well (very hard to do a worthwhile sequel), it may tarnish everyone's overall feel for the original--better to go out on top. Personally, I'd love to see a sequel, but cringe at what it could be. IMO, Bioshock was a fantastic game, one I kept playing and hunting around corners and under stairs/waterways just to see what was there. I would just follow the Big Daddy/LS around to hear the interactio...

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it plays the Planet Earth series well (bought it just for that). I bought a few HD-DVDs at GameStop as well. I would've bought Transformers as well, but I refuse to pay the extra (non-DVD) tax when you still have the bars at the top/bottom, even with a widescreen tv (no, I refuse to ZOOM it on principle for an HD version). gCM

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Sorry, but E.T. for the Atari 2600 still takes that prize (all-time worst game), followed closely by PacMan for the 2600. You may be too young to have played those craptacular pieces of "art". gCM

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Quit sticking to the walls when trying to dive!!!!! Biggest hindrance to enjoyment--you're trying to move somewhere and dive, when you get stuck to the **** wall!!! Also fix the multitude of glitches.. Otherwise, best game ever (IMHO). gCM

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when I can go to Gamestop and get them for cheaper, not tied to a particular console.

How about clan support? How about a web browser? How about a streaming news feed (similar to Wii channel)? How about some DETAILS about my friends, such as how many times I've played with them/what games/last & first time played them?

While I applaud the 6month updates & removing XBLA trials from gamerscore, I want more substance than putting more $$$ in M$' pockets and ...

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Bubbles for wit... Best I've heard all day. gCM

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not that I'm any kind of chess master. Hopefully they'll have some type of BattleChess option.. Sweeeet... gCM

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I'm afraid I haven't tried it either (online). My wife and kids jump on with me and we use the GH3 guitar for the bass. MUCH better times rocking out than SceneIt (IMO). This has got to be the ultimate party game.. We had cousins/uncles playing during Thanksgiving. Cheers! gCM

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Then you don't have to worry about being able to play it on your other 360 or your friends (frustrating XBLA issue requiring you to be logged into XBL). I actually want M$ to release a 1TB drive (cheap) and let me somehow load my 360 games onto the hard drive-- YES, I AM that lazy (but I'm not the only one!) Copy protection issues? That's M$'s problem--let ME the consumer have my freedom while protecting your rights (without making me get up off the couch!) gCM

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