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You have no idea what you are talking about. You need a real fan set up. Otherwise a bigger case is meaningless. It's about how much air the fans can move not how much air is sitting idly by.

If you claim proof than you are to provide it. No one needs to talk about their personal life and career when they have provided countless proof that you are wrong.

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We are talking about GPU cores on the same die. It is entirely different from two seperate GPU's. Cores have everything to do with 1:1 performance. Were you wondering "Oh, but why don't we just add more cores to everything?".. It doesn't work that way. More cores means more heat. Two of the same GPU's does give nearly twice the performance. And, if you mean two seperate video cards, it does come close, but it is held back because of mo...

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Wrong and you ignorantly used information from the source you provided.

You just explained how it is meant to be marketing. They call it that to push an industry standard and so non-technical users know what to look for. Simple terms used for a vast amount of products to simply include them in a certain market. "WXGA" was the same for monitors. "Full HD" is the same for TV's.

And the technical term for 1080p?...

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He didn't list Folklore, Warhawk, or Genji: Days of the Blade, either(PS3 exclusives). Man he's totally a XBox fanboy..

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I totally would. PS4 popularity is going to make stock go up in price no doubt. I would have made so much money. If only I could have bought Nintendo stock before DS and Wii launches.

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I love the ending other then when they drown him while baptizing him.

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It's so amazing how anything no matter how big or small can just become so huge on the internet.

To think one successful funny image could become a meme that drives mass popularity for something.

You could be a team of 2 people and gain an insane following on launch day like Team Meat. 4 people team with a few small games and steal the show on a worldwide broadcast as No Man's Sky was shown. Star Citizen has also exploded in this kind of popularity. ...

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And you think 343 changing art style in Halo is because of a firmware upgrade and think that nano technology can sprout thrusters out of a suit and provide fuel. They don't explain any of it for a reason. It wasn't changed because of a firmware upgrade it was changed because they felt like it and they like it that way.

Master Chiefs suit has nano bots for automatic repair of both the suit and the user. That is it. A few cosmetic differences can be okay.

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And the lights delay after being shot to go off and there is no particle effects or decals to make it look like it just got a few bullets into it :\

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Look up Hialgo graphics mod. It's amazing for increasing performance.

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Game For Windows?? The service dies sometime this year.. People are saying July 1st. The game might not even release that far ahead of that date.

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Sorry but GT has elegance. Just because Forza has a flashy interface doesn't mean more "love" was put into it. GT has far more painstaking hours of accuracy put into the cars and tracks. That is the true love. That is the point of the game. You are sitting here telling people Forza is better because you like the menus in that game more. There is no "soul" in cars that don't act like the real thing. If you like more arcade-like and fast...

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It's just more of their number twisting just like when they said X1 was the fastest selling console. Whatever they can do to make it look bigger then it is they will do it.

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I don't know if Forza can be considered hardcore anymore since they faked the Kinect driving footage at e3 before to fool the audience and then they cut out tons of content on the newer one so that the real "hardcore" fans of the franchise would rather stick with the previous games.

Fable just kept going downhill because the praised good or evil concept eventually became only one side has benefits you care for and the story isn't particularly worth sticking ...

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What's the new way to play? So far Kinect is a massive disappointment and actually has little difference to what games we saw on Eyetoy for PS2.

The PS4 is $400. A good PC is around $600. Also the PS4 eye does nearly the same thing as Kinect, except you can also use physical motion controls along with it for more unique experiences and more opportunities. It's not as simple as just getting a good gaming PC if you want higher graphic settings. ...

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Because nothing is wrong with the dashboard.

In fact the new 360 UI is just like the Dashboard except they swapped the X and Y axis and put more menus into it and made it more jumbled together.

They did update it for in-game XMB and eventually updated its performance. They don't update things for the sake of updating.

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I know and they hifin it to be Action-RPG which further makes it one term and defeats the entire purpose of what they meant by it @_@

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The initial game wasn't a beta test, it was a failure. They gave every person that subscribed plenty more additional months free of charge for the re-release.

It does suck though for those that paid to realize everything's being wiped clean. I like the re-release though. I'm not going to pay a monthly fee though unless it goes down.

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FF13, as bad as the game is, became popular to the new RPG crowd and that shifted a lot of development time away for FF13.

I think they are finally going to be able to finish it in a year or two. Everything about it has been good news, other then the lack of news because Square is focusing on quick money maker games.

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It used to be a PS3 exclusive. Never once was stated to come out for 360, the game also uses luminous engine which isn't as cross-platform friendly as their crystal tools engine and could get more out of PS3 hardware, the game is just so big it would take too many DVD's and would ruin a lot of the free-roam experience. The game is designed for bluray.

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