Knack - One Of The Best Original Launch IPs PlayStation Has Created

"Recently I got into a trophy hunting kick, after picking up Knack II for a low price on PSN. This caused me to go ahead and try to finish up my trophy list for the original Knack."

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Sonic-and-Crash1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

If Knack had an animal hero-mascot would literally have far better sales and appeal ....it is very good mechanichally and visually almost on par with mario

bouzebbal1440d ago

I wish PlayStation kept one mascot and gave it love everytime.. Crash.
I liked knack 1, bought it day one with killzone I had a blast playing it I loved the graphical style, and the phone app compatibility to get extra orbs and power ups. A cool game to kick start a successful gen

Sonic-and-Crash1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

@bouzeball...that would ve been the best ...imagine if sony was smart enough and bought the Crash franchise back in vivendi years (where probably had the lowest value)....now we would playing a Crash made from Astrobot devs (which is a stellar game) and Horizon s zero graphics engine ...would have been a masterpiece

isarai1441d ago

There were two major problems with knack that kept it from taking off.

1) The tone did not match the style. Seriously if you showed me some promo image and asked me to guess i'd say he's some semi mute protagonist like crash, with a quirky scientist creator and his edgy funny son that treats knack more like a bro than an experiment. Off to fight some evil goofy goblins in some harrowing levels. Instead knack has the personality of a mindless soldier and everyone just orders him around and he's just all "affirmative" and the conflict with the goblins seems ripped straight from a boring military drama.

2) The levels lacked hazards, nearly every fall was just a small drop loop around and try again. Didn't really incentivize playing well, and made it boring.

The sequel fixed issue 2 in a really cool way, but issue 1 was still there and the damage from the first game was already done.

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Yodasfavoritesoda1440d ago

Excellent breakdown! All in all th rough knack got two games the op did alright

rainslacker1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I didnt think it was anything special, but was fun in it's own right.

As far as best launch IPs, jumping flash would be mu favorite.

I'd say driveclub, but the delays kept it away from being a launch ip like it was intended. I'd maybe say Resogun, but not sure that's classified as a new sony ip because it was 2nd party.

FallenAngel19841440d ago

Knack doesn’t seem to have a place in a post-Crash resurrected world

Sonic-and-Crash1440d ago

...still Activision s Crash remakes-sequel is nowwhere near the quality standards of Knack....Knack if had corrected some minor things here and there would have been killer app...and somehow carries better the soul of og Crash than the mediocre remakes

rlow11440d ago

It was a cool concept, but didn't fully grab me.

NeoGamer2321440d ago

Personally, I enjoyed Resogun much more than Knack

And PS3 launched with Resistance. Much better than Knack.

Shinkus1440d ago

I'm still holding out on a remastered resistance trilogy. I loved the story and the online was fun as hell.

Mr_cheese1440d ago

Loved Resogun and have been hoping for a resistance reboot for a long time!