Get Knack 2 for Free and Here's How

Players can get Knack 2 for free and here's a step by step guide on how. You don't need an active PlayStation Plus membership either.

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MaximusPrime_549d ago

Save you clicking. You'd need to create a German PSN account....

KilluaX3549d ago

Takes like 5 minutes to do, not much effort required.

gamesftw250549d ago

kinda odd that you need a german account

Sgt_Slaughter549d ago

@gamesftw250 it's not odd, the game is available for free in Germany only.

Clover904549d ago

Can i play the game on my american account after i download it, or will it be locked to my german account

AnubisG549d ago


Yes you can and the game is in English.

dnAWE549d ago

and then you have a game you'll never play.

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AnubisG549d ago

And that is exactly what I did about 3 days ago. Good thing I used to learn German in elementary school.😁

YoungKingDoran548d ago

Yeah it really paid off now lol

548d ago
Kosic549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

The link has a detailed guide on how to do this, step by step.

Retroman548d ago

And I just ordered Knack 1 today off Amazon

lelo2play548d ago

Sony should just stop fu**ing around and offer the game to everyone, not just Germany.

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Smokehouse549d ago

Yeah I’m not going through all of that lol. If I did it would be a Japanese account so I could get all of their themes and stuff.

KilluaX3549d ago

Took me 5 minutes to go through all of that.

excaliburps549d ago

It's super easy to create an alt account. I have multiple. LOL! PS Asia always has betas available, so it's worth creating one for that too.

Smokehouse549d ago

I’m not saying it’s difficult I said I can’t be bothered to take 5 minutes to do it. I’d rather pay 5 dollars for knack 2. If I did do it (which I probably won’t) it would be the Asian one. There aren’t any betas I’m aware of besides the guilty gear one but I think that’s here anyways. I’d rather take 5 minutes responding to you then navigate a German psn account lol. I don’t care enough. Lazy American.

I like when you go to that playstation blog and watch videos for codes and such. That’s what I thought this was. I was just saying no thanks. No offense.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro549d ago

Yes, and it's good. It improved on everything from the first one, and if you're a fan of action adventure games with some platforming, this is a must play.

uth11548d ago

I liked both knack games. I don't see why people say the second is much better, it mostly plays the same as the first.. pound enemies, platform, gather artifacts to grow bigger, pound enemies harder

Segata549d ago

And it literally has 2 knacks but it's still knack so it sucks anyway

roadkillers549d ago

To all the down votes, this game was never advertised. I had no idea

roadkillers547d ago

Alright piss on ya'll, Knack sucks.

Watchyabackbai84549d ago

I created a German Account yesterday and I got it for free. It too me like 5 minutes to make

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