Ten Underappreciated Sequels That Never Got Their Due

Jon Bowman: "When a sequel for a video game is announced, there are typically one of two thoughts that cross our mind: A) I hope it lives up to the original, or B) how did that game get a sequel? Whether it’s because a game didn’t live up to its hype or people had already checked out on a series, sometimes sequels don’t get the attention that they deserve. Here are a few examples of some of the unsung sequels that deserve a second glance."

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OpenGL1309d ago

Knack 2 was actually a decent game but it sold horribly because the original was surrounded by negativity. One thing though that still annoys me is that they never patched multiple game breaking bugs that require you to delete your save game.

TheOttomatic911309d ago

Said far better than I could have, also I believe that game breaking bug was a Pro exclusive one.

SuperSonic911309d ago

Underappreciation of good games is the product of the corporate gaming media's lack of genuine objectivity, professional and unbiased reporting..
Its ironic that a gaming site like Game Informer has this article.

Last year was the pinnacle of this travesty. Very few journalists were took off their nostalgia glasses to give honest reviews.
If the corporate media goes on like this many small but creative developers will not succeed no matter how great their games are.

TheRealTedCruz1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Bioshock 2 and Kotor 2 were far better titles, both narratively and mechanically.
Of course, this was after large amounts of patching in the unfinished content when it comes to Kotor 2.

lptmg1309d ago

Max Payne 3 was underappreciated?

ninsigma1309d ago

I was looking forward to knack 2 cuz I liked the first but he demo put me off it. Might get it at some point.

OpenGL1309d ago

The chapter they selected for a demo was a very poor choice.

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