HEALTH shares Max Payne 3 soundtrack vinyl update with Rockstar silent

If you've been waiting for Max Payne vibes to hit your turntable, you're in luck. Noise rock band HEALTH have a Max Payne 3 vinyl soundtrack update.

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FPS_D3TH210d ago

One of the best soundtracks in gaming. This band is incredible and I’ve seen them live twice now. Absolutely fantastic band


Max Payne 3 gets an amazing Sam Lake Mod

Modder ‘alexsavvy’ has released a must-have mod for Max Payne 3 that is a love letter to all fans of the original game.

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Iceball200057d ago

Holy cow that’s well done. Hoping for a Max Payne 1-3?remake/remaster.

RaidenBlack57d ago

Remedy is remaking Max Payne 1 & 2


10 Best Games to Complete 100%

GF365: "These are our picks for the ten best games to complete 100%. This list includes good games that don't feel like chores to complete."

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Knushwood Butt82d ago

I got 80% trophy completion on Ragnarok but left a few of the battles. Will come back to it one day.

Miraak82 82d ago

Dragon Quest 11 is my top pick

RpgSama82d ago

Dragon Quest XI was such an AMAZING game, I had a blast from the very beginning all the way to the very end, it actually got better the more you played, full of surprises as well.

Another game that I enjoyed from the very beginning all the way to the end of the 100% completion was Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Really, really, really fun game with a great heartfelt story.

badz14982d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Where is Horizon Zero Dawn?? where is Ghost of Tsushima?? I just got my Platinum on HZD and is now trying to finish the Frozen Wild expansion. so much care and love went into that game and it really shows. I especially adore the lore and have sunk many hours listening to the logs and reading journals. the back story is great and the gameplay is awesome. can't wait to replay on the hardest difficulty on NG+. next in my list would be to finish GoTsushima

Tacoboto82d ago

Ghost was fantastic especially after Iki Island and the PS5 upgrade. 100%'d that, Horizon Forbidden West (not ZD), GoW (not yet Ragnarok), Spider-Man, and R&C: Rift Apart.

Each one absolutely worth it.

Aloymetal82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

100% I would like to add to you list RDR2, amazing as well and the perks from getting the Legend Of The East outfit is awesome.
Sekiro as well, have to play twice to get it but it's worth it!

Demetrius82d ago

I agree I'm on my 2nd playthroughs of both horizon forbidden West(zero dawn I played also) ghost of Tsushima except I'm replaying it on PS5 this time, the iki island expansion is amazing

ClayRules201282d ago

Yeah, GoT was already an AMAZING game on PS4, but playing it on PS5, along with that expansion, just even better.

Elda82d ago

I just started my copy of GOW:R, enjoying it so far.

DefenderOfDoom282d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Okay the title of article should be top 10 , 3rd person games to complete 100 percent. Nine 3rd person games and 1 racing game on this list .

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Max Payne 3 | Games To Play Before You Die

Max Payne 3 is both a game a lot of people love and also one that not enough people appreciate. Remaster time?

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MIDGETonSTILTS17215d ago

Great ending, that’s all I’ll say.

Hofstaderman215d ago

I would literally jump and hit the ceiling if they announce a simple remaster of max Payne 3.

porkChop215d ago

The graphics are still great on PC. Even just cleaning up the textures and throwing in some raytracing could really transform that game.

jambola215d ago

If the gameplay in the remakes for 1+2 are as fun, I'm excited as hell

Dagexon215d ago

Honestly all it needs is skippable cutscenes and I'd be happy

jambola215d ago

Absolute favorite Rockstar game