Ranking The Max Payne Games From Worst To Best

With Remedy and Rockstar announcing they're remaking the first two Max Payne games, what better time to start ranking the series?

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Profchaos812d ago

For me it goes

I wasn't a purist that believes Rockstar killed off its noire vibe and they were a big bad studio taking over rares IP.
I actually really loved the story 3 told it's gunplay felt impactful and it did a fantastic job moving the IP into a modern standard

Good-Smurf812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

2-1-3 for me.
First one was revolutionary but was plagued by bad touchy controls on consoles, poor PS2 port and performance, Xbox version looked great though. Ending didn't do much for me, felt a bit empty.
Second one was better for PS2 and Xbox ports engine really showed its age even in 2004 but I like the tone of the story this time somehow.
Third one have flashier presentation yet very realistic and very challenging game looked amazing on PS3 but framerate are all over the place during gun fights I don't like how some chapters dragged on too long exhausting would be the word just too much gunfights even for action shooter like Max Payne felt like I needed a week off after I finished the game.

Kornholic812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

"Ending didn't do much for me, felt a bit empty."

Maybe that was the point. Revenge did not bring his wife and child back.

811d ago
Flawlessmic812d ago


Brillant games though, really cant wait for the remakes of 1&2!!

811d ago
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Alan Wake 2’s Night Spring DLC is an epic Max Payne remakes precursor

Alan Wake 2’s new Night Springs DLC is an excellent reminder of how great the Max Payne remakes are likely going to be on PS5 and Xbox.

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Max Payne 1&2 Remake To Enter Full Production & Control 2 Pre-Production In Q2 2024

Remedy Entertainment's upcoming Max Payne 1&2 remake is set to enter full production in the company's second financial quarter of 2024.

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Skuletor72d ago

I thought the remakes has been in full production for a while now

ElaBosak71d ago

They were making Alan Wake 2

Skuletor71d ago

You mean the game that already released almost 200 days ago now?

ravens5271d ago

Be another Alan Wake 2 situation if not. I hope they're not that pigheaded. Like really, if they're that petty I won't even wait for a physical release.

LucasRuinedChildhood71d ago

They have a different publisher for Max Payne than they did for Alan Wake 2 (Rockstar instead of Epic) so there probably will be a physical release for Max Payne 1&2 at least.

ElaBosak71d ago

Rockstar is publishing. There will be physical release.

Cacabunga71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

No physical support no buy .. do not screw This up

neutralgamer199271d ago

Sure Alan wake 2 still hasn’t recovered development cost

ElaBosak71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

What does that have to do with digital release?

neutralgamer199270d ago


There are many gamers who will not buy a game if it does not have a physical release, especially for Big blockbusters. So not being on steam and not having a physical release definitely has a lot to do with the fact they have yet to make that development cost back

I myself want to buy it on steam and I will also buy a physical version on PS five or Xbox if it becomes available but I will not spend a single penny on epic Store. I just want one storefront and one game launcher. I have no other reason to hate on epic or any other storefront.

ElaBosak70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

You think the physical games market is big? Have you looked at statistics from publishers between physical vs digital sales? Physical sales are almost irrelevant.

Neither Steam nor especially physical release have anything to do with it. Alan Wake 2 is inherently niche and not mainstream by any means. It would never have gotten a big audience and that's fine. Remedy and Sam Lake got to make the game of their dreams.

neutralgamer199270d ago

I am sorry I disagree completely. Yes physical market isn’t as big as digital but it still accounts for almost 30%. On top of that having the game on steam would have meant a lot more sales. These 2 points are facts and can’t be argued

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jznrpg71d ago

To lose money again? Do you want them to close?

ElaBosak71d ago

Wdym lose money? How big do you think the physical games market is?

darksky71d ago

Max Payne is a far better franchise than Alan Wake. This should be good.