Why PlayStation 5 Isn't Launching With Knack 3

While many expected Knack 3 would be announced alongside the PlayStation 5, there's good reason why Sony has seemingly abandoned this title.

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blackblades868d ago

Because its not in development

porkChop868d ago

I don't think the first two games sold very well. I kinda doubt they'll make a 3rd.

RaiderNation868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

The first one sold over a million copies. Being a brand new IP on a brand new launch console thats not bad at all. The sequel is very underrated.

PhoenixUp868d ago

What place does Knack have in a world where Crash Bandicoot is a relevant franchise again

ClayRules2012868d ago

Lol. Bring on Crash, that lovable Bandicoot!

Knushwood Butt868d ago

My kid is currently enjoying the first game.

Fun game but I think the target audience and marketing was off, for both games.

The first one was decent but wasn't a system seller that early PS4 adopters were looking for.

Maybe if was released later when there was a bit of a drought it would have received more attention.

jukins868d ago

The 2nd one is much better. Is has i guess adaptive ai so you or your kids can pick up and play and still have challenge. It just lacked polish and personality. Knack is dry his companions are cookie cutter and annoying. But under all that theres clever puzzle and fighting mechanics and drop in and out co op is definetly a nice feature.

But with ratchet being a launch window no reason to even try with another knack at least now

Knushwood Butt867d ago

Agree about Ratchet.

I want to try Knack 2 and it is currently on sale but I think it will show up on Plus soon.

CrimsonWing69868d ago

Because nobody bought the other games?

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The story is too old to be commented.