XDefiant Season 1 Trailer Reveals Stunning New Details

Screenshot of a Practice Zone in XDefiant

If you are a fan of XDefiant, you are well aware that Season 1 is just around the corner. On June 10, during Ubisoft Forward, we got the first glimpse at what awaits us. After much speculation, XDefiant players have finally learned some exciting new details about Season 1 from the trailer.

The Trailer Left Some XDefiant Fans Speechless

First of all, the trailer revealed that Season 1 is coming on July 2. Players also found out there would be a new faction (GSK), three new maps (Daytona, Clubhouse, and Rockefeller), and a new mode (Capture the Flag). In addition to that, the official announcement on X revealed that all players who played in the following 48 hours would get three free Eruption weapon skins.

XDefiant Season 1 details and trailer on X
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via X

The Executive Producer of XDefiant, Mark Rubin, shared another exciting addition. He said: “So I’m hyped for what’s coming in season 1 but I wanted to share a change we made to our plans for modes. Our 1-life mode called Bomb! was scheduled for a later season but due to the number of fans who want to see this mode sooner, the team is working on getting it out ASAP”.

XDefiant Executive Producer shares another addition to Season 1
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via X

Understandably, most of the players were hyped. JBurton90 raved: “Maps are good looking. Love me some CTF. I think GSK abilities are 3 smokes or a trophy system which will be nice. Not feeling the Riot Shield considering Phantoms already have one. Will have to differentiate it somehow which appears to be having it be an offensive running bull style shield rather than defensive”.

Another player, nekorocket, added: “Looks like a really solid update. The new maps look amazing and I can’t wait to play CTF. Apart from some teething problems, XDefiant really is shaping up to be a game with staying power. That’s a good thing for all shooter fans”.

The Long Way to XDefiant’s Season 1

Of course, it didn’t take long for the hype to die down and for people to start complaining about all the bugs and glitches that need to be fixed for Season 1. One player, lonely akuma YT, reminded the devs: “

I hope you guys fix the hit registration and add kill-cams, replay system, TDM, S&D, etc. I like this game so far, but there has to be a load of adjustments”. Now, we don’t know about the other complaints, but it’s been confirmed that TDM is indeed coming to XDefiant.

Others complained about the new faction. BatMatt93 said: “Really didn’t expect them to do just one unit from R6S. Guess they are set for years in terms of new characters to bring in since they can just keep pulling from Siege”. We’re sure that other R6S factions will follow, as well as some from other Ubisoft games. As a matter of fact, Mark Rubin confirmed it in an interview.

Now that we have seen the trailer we’re sure that Season 1 of XDefiant will be, at the very least, exciting. There is something for every type of player to look forward to. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long, until then, some updates and patches should keep us satisfied.


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