Best Team Compositions in Unicorn Overlord

Zenoiran Army and Ilenia's Unit engage in battle in Unicorn Overlord

If you’re working on putting an effective team together in Unicorn Overlord, then you’re probably on the hunt for the best comps around. To save you the trouble, we’ve outlined several options proven to work well. Stick around for all the details.

Unicorn Overlord is the latest tactical RPG from ATLUS and Vanillaware, bringing old-school mechanics back to the forefront. In the new title, you’ll follow Alain, the crown prince of a fallen kingdom called Cornia, on his mission to recruit members for the Liberation Army. You’ll find fierce combatants and skilled healers throughout the game, making it tough to decide which recruits will perform best in your units. With plenty of early to mid-game options, here’s a look at some of the best team comps in Unicorn Overlord.

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Unicorn Overlord: Best Early and Mid-Game Team Comps

1. Alain (Lord), Clive (Knight), Aubin (Housecarl)

This team composition places Alain on the frontlines, while Clive and Aubin clear up from the back. While most builds revolve around Alain, he does well in combat, so his placement here is not only appropriate but also effective. The Housecarl, Aubin, has turned out to be a top choice for various team comps, too, as this class is able to lower the defense of your opponents. Lastly, the Knight, Clive, can take out foes with his Assaulting Lance.

2. Alain (High Lord), Clive (Great Knight), Renault (Great Knight), Ochlys (Feathersword)

Similar to the first team, but better suited for mid-game combat, this comp from Iced Coffee Gaming on YouTube continues to work with Alain and Clive, centralizing their offensive capabilities. While Alain acts as the frontrunner here, Clive, Renault, and Ochlys will take the back row. As Great Knights, both Clive and Renault are your cavalry hard hitters, boosted by their Cavalier Calls. Lastly, Ochlys cleans up by blocking and taking down several different enemy unit types, including those with flying capabilities.

Unicorn Overlord image of an in-game battle
Image via Atlus

3. Alain (Lord), Ochlys (Feathersword), Berenice (Sellsword), Sharon (Cleric)

Again, Alain takes center stage in this comp, though he’s joined by Ochlys in the front row to wall and dodge as a team while attacking where they can. Berenice follows closely behind to clear out enemies with hard physical attacks and Sharon provides healing and debuff removal. Reddit user CurtisManning swears by this formation, and other players have reported that this comp works wonders in a pinch.

4. Travis (Thief), Bruno (Gladiator), Aubin (Housecarl)

Since the launch of Unicorn Overlord, many players have experimented with Travis and Bruno pairings, switching out other team members as needed. For the sake of this comp, the two primary members serve as tanks on the frontlines, while Aubin clears the remaining foes from the back. This team is the least stable of the bunch since it lacks ranged fighters, but you can easily swap in more appropriate combatants when necessary.

Scarlett, Lex, and Alain band together in Unicorn Overlord
Image by N4G Unlocked

All Classes in Unicorn Overlord

  • Lord/High Lord
  • Fighter/Vanguard
  • Soldier/Sergeant
  • Housecarl/Viking
  • Swordfighter/Swordmaster
  • Sellsword/Landsknecht
  • Hoplite/Legionnaire
  • Gladiator/Berserker
  • Warrior/Breaker
  • Hunter/Sniper
  • Arbalist/Shieldshooter
  • Thief/Rogue
  • Knight/Great Knight
  • Radiant Knight/Sainted Knight
  • Dark Knight/Doom Knight
  • Cleric/Bishop
  • Wizard/Warlock
  • Witch/Sorceress
  • Shaman/Druid
  • Wyvern Knight/Wyvern Master
  • Gryphon Knight/Gryphon Master
  • Elven Fencer
  • Elven Archer
  • Werewolf
  • Werefox
  • Werebear
  • Wereowl
  • Feathersword
  • Featherbow
  • Featherstaff
  • Feathershield
  • Priestess/High Priestess
  • Crusader/Valkyria
  • Elven Sibyl
  • Elven Augur
  • Snow Ranger
  • Werelion
  • Paladin
  • Prince
  • Dreadnought
  • Dark Marquess

So far, these team compositions seem to be top performers, but we’ll update with more options as we work out the kinks. Remember to take gear that gives you the best PP/AP balance. For more tips on Unicorn Overlord, check out these guides from our team:


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