Unicorn Overlord: Should you execute or free Gammel? Explained

Scarlett, Alain, Josef, and Chloe meet at the church in Unicorn Overlord

Trying to decide whether to execute or free Gammel in Unicorn Overlord? You’re not alone. We’ll go over the pros and cons to help you make the right call on your playthrough.

Like other titles within the tactical RPG genre, Unicorn Overlord presents opportunities to make decisions that will either benefit or hinder you on your playthrough. At times, there may even be equal pros and cons, making it tough to move forward with the perfect plan. One such predicament involves the thief Gammel, who you’ll meet on your mission to save Scarlett. So, given his crimes, should you elect to take Gammel’s life or spare him? Let’s weigh both options to help you make the best call in Unicorn Overlord.

Should You Execute or Free Gammel in Unicorn Overlord?

When you meet Gammel in Unicorn Overlord, you’ll have to decide whether to free him or hand him over to the Town Watch. Of course, you’re provided some insight into the choices he’s made to leverage your own. Once you defeat Gammel in combat, he explains why he’s taken on the life of a thief. After that, it’s your call whether he lives or dies. A tough decision, indeed. Before you choose, let’s take a look at how either decision will impact your playthrough.

Set Gammel FreeHave Gammel Executed
Rewards: Recruit’s Shortbow, Beckoning Bell, Cornia MilitiaRewards: Recruit’s Shortbow, Beckoning Bell, Cornia Militia, 10,000 War Funds
Effects: You can recruit Rolf to your party and Gammel may become an ally in the futureEffects: You can recruit Rolf to your party and Gammel will remain an enemy, potentially putting your party at risk

All things considered, the short-term rewards for Gammel’s execution are certainly enticing. That said, you’re better off setting the petty thief free in the long run, or else you’ll risk putting your party in danger when he inevitably plots his revenge. Whether you believe Gammel deserves to pay for his crimes or not, you could also use his help as an ally later on. And as the rightful prince of Cornia, Alain needs all the help he can get recruiting troops for the Liberation Army.

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