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Scarlett, Lex, and Alain band together in Unicorn Overlord

Looking for a rundown of the characters in Unicorn Overlord? Look no further. We’ve put together a cheat sheet of every main character you can expect to meet on your playthrough.

The release date for Unicorn Overlord is fast approaching, releasing in full on Friday, March 8. Available across Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, you can jump into the demo ahead of launch for a taste of what’s to come later this week. The new title from ATLUS, SEGA, and Vanillaware follows Alain, the crown prince of a fallen kingdom. On your playthrough, you’ll need to recruit a wide variety of fighters from all walks of life to assemble capable troops for the Liberation Army. Let’s break down all the characters you’ll meet on your journey in Unicorn Overlord.

All Characters in Unicorn Overlord


Alain in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Alain is the crown prince of Cornia and the son of Queen Ilenia. Having lost his mother on the night Valmore overtook the kingdom and became Galerius, the knight Josef brought Alain to safety on the island of Palevia. There, Josef trained the prince in swordplay and strategy.


Scarlett in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Scarlett is a priestess of the Palevian Orthodoxy. She trained from a very young age and now tends to the island’s cathedral. When Alain decides to head out on a quest to recruit an army, however, she joins him in his efforts.


Lex in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Lex is one of Alain’s closest childhood friends, and he’s always ready to practice swordplay. The son of a fisherman, he’s native to the island of Palevia. Like Alain, Lex studied under Josef and plans to join the Liberation Army to save the land of Fevrith.


Josef carries Alain on horseback in Unicorn Overlord
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Josef is a holy knight of the kingdom of Cornia, which has fallen to Galerius. When Queen Ilenia lost her life defending the kingdom, Josef took a young Alain to the island of Palevia. There, he worked to assemble the Liberation Army.


Queen Ilenia kneels in Unicorn Overlord
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Ten years prior to the events of Unicorn Overlord, Ilenia was the queen of Cornia. She ruled the kingdom with a military mind, and chose not to run from her fate on the night Galerius seized the land. That night, she entrusted Josef with the care of her son, Alain.


Chloe in battle in Unicorn Overlord
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Chloe is the daughter of Josef’s friend. As a result, she became the holy knight’s apprentice and joined the Liberation Army to study academics and martial arts. While he respects Alain’s status as Cornia’s prince, she also recognizes herself as one of his closest friends.


Hodrick in battle in Unicorn Overlord
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Hodrick was once a knight of Cornia. He was so trusted by Queen Ilenia herself that he became her personal guard. Hodrick fought faithfully alongside the late queen during Valmore’s rebellion, though he was ultimately overcome and captured by the enemy.


Clive in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Like Josef and Hodrick, Clive once served as a knight in the fallen kingdom of Cornia. He gained his status early on in his career, and he was frequently praised for his intelligence and brave nature. He put his talents to use in the creation of the Liberation Army, where he acts as Josef’s right-hand man.


Travis in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Travis works as a spy for the Liberation Army of Cornia. Prior to his recruitment, he already had years of experience under his belt. Because of this, he joins the army under Alain’s command when the prince goes out in search of combat troops.


Yahna in battle in Unicorn Overlord
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Yahna is a young witch who lives in the swamps of the Witches’ village. By using a feline transmutation spell, she manages to escape encroaching troops from the Zenoiran Army. However, many others are taken into captivity during the raid.


Melisandre in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Melisandre is the head of House Meillet, a distinguished Cornian clan. She lost her parents and brother to an illness in childhood, and was subsequently raised and trained by her aunt and uncle. She is now the lone heir to the Meillet family.


Gilbert in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Gilbert is the crown prince of Drakenhold. He lost his father, the acting king, to the Zenoiran Army. In the wake of this tragedy, he’s secretly amassed a task force that aims to restore the fallen kingdom.


Virginia in battle in Unicorn Overlord
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Queen Ilenia’s niece and Alain’s cousin, Virginia is a survivor of the royal Cornian family. While the prince was taken to the island of Palevia by Josef during Valmore’s rebellion, Virginia instead fled to the kingdom of Drakenhold.


Berengaria in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Berengaria is a former leader of the Tricorn Mercenaries. Feared throughout the content as a deadly warrior, she has formed her own group of mercenaries and earned quite the reputation. That is, until she decides to disband the troop and go her own way.


Aramis in conversation in Unicorn Overlord
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Aramis is a mercenary from Drakenhold. He’s hired by the Zenoiran Army as an adept swordsman. While he’s easy on the eyes and speaks with an unexpected level of elegance, his opponents mustn’t doubt his skill with a blade.


A close-up shot of Emperor Galerius in Unicorn Overlord
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Galerius serves as the Emperor of the Zenoiran Empire. He was once known as the renowned Cornian general, Valmore. After leading a successful rebellion against the Cornian royal family, however, he now claims the lands of Fevrith as his own.

Minor Characters

  • Ochlys – a Heavenswing Knight and one of the Palevian Orthodoxy Angels.
  • Sharon – a friend of Ochlys, a Cleric, and a nurse at the Rondmort Church.
  • Bruno – a mercenary and former comrade of Travis.
  • Rolf – a protector of the weak and a member of the Cornian Resistance.
  • Aubin – the leader of the Sand Scorpions mercenaries.

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