How to Recruit Scarlett in Unicorn Overlord – Stats and Skills

Scarlett stands by a shrine in Unicorn Overlord

If you just started your Unicorn Overlord playthrough, then you might be wondering how to recruit Scarlett. We have your answer here. Stick around for details about adding the priestess to your party.

Scarlett is one of the very first ally characters you’ll meet in Unicorn Overlord. A Priestess of the Palevian Orthodoxy, she’s not only a skilled healer and support character but also a trusted friend of Alain’s. As such, Scarlett dedicates her talents to serving in the Liberation Army alongside the exiled prince in order to free the kingdom of Cornia from the Zenoiran Empire. She goes on to play a prominent role in the events of the game, proving a helpful ally. We’ll go over how to recruit Scarlett in Unicorn Overlord, then take a closer look at the stats and skills she’s working with.

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How to Recruit Scarlett in Unicorn Overlord

Technically, there’s not much you’ll need to do in order to recruit Scarlett, as she automatically joins Alain’s cause during the first main quest in Unicorn Overlord. Titled “The Ring of the Unicorn,” this quest is essentially an introduction to the game’s story and mechanics.

In line with the unfolding events, however, Scarlet will shortly become temporarily unavailable following this quest’s completion. After that, you can bring her back onto your team by progressing through the story organically, specifically by finishing off the “Priestess, Abducted” main quest.

Scarlett’s Stats and Abilities

  • Character Class: Priestess
  • Starting Class Type: Staff, Infantry, Caster
  • Strengths: Healing and support
  • Effective Against: Armored enemies
  • Unit Leader Effect: Healing Assist — Can provide healing assistance to allied units
  • Unit Stamina: 5
  • Unit Assist: Healing
  • Unit Mobility: 100

Default Skills

Holy LightLv. 1Attack a single enemy with magic. Removes all of target’s buffs.
Curing CallLv. 10Restore minor HP to a row of allies. Removes all of target’s debuffs.
Passive MiracleLv. 15Activates after receiving an ally’s Passive Skill. Restores minor HP and grants +1 PP to an ally.
Quick HealDefault Equip Skill (Scarlett’s Ribbon)Activates after an ally is hit by an attack. Restores minor HP to an ally.
RegenerationN/AA targeted Valor Skill that recovers 50% of an allied unit’s HP at the end of battle.
ResurrectionN/AA targeted Valor Skill that revives all incapacitated combatants in an allied unit to 50% HP.

That’s all it takes to recruit Scarlett. For more tips on your Unicorn Overlord playthrough, check out some other guides from our team:


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