The Finals Best Ways to Use Spear

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

Among all the new things that are introduced in Season 3 of The Finals is a new weapon for the Heavy Build, a Spear. The second melee weapon in the game for Heavy Build is quite different from its previous one. Although it does not provide the destructive potential that came with a Sledgehammer, it is a fast weapon with reach. Stick with us and we will go over the best ways to use a Spear in The Finals.  

The Best Ways to Use Spear in The Finals

Although having less damage than the Sledgehammer, the Spear is drastically more nimble and provides Heavy Builds with fast long-reach attacks. Additionally, Spear can be spun around to cover a large area and deal damage to everything within. Although this can deal a lot of damage and no melee Build will dare enter its reach, this will leave Heavy a bit exposed to ranged fire. 

The Best Build for Spear in The Finals

Screenshot of Spear weapon in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Weapon: Spear

Specialization: Winch Claw

Gadgets: RPG-7, Dome Shield, C4

The Spear provides Heavies with a fast and nimble melee option but using it with Winch Claw can be an unstoppable combo. The Winch Claw gives Heavy Build a specialization that can be used to pull enemies into close range. Doing this will stun the pulled enemy giving players ample time to use Spear on them. 

Because a Spear is a close-range weapon, taking RPG-7 gives Heavy build a much-needed ranged option. This gadget provides a great source of damage which can bring Light Builds down in one hit. Moreover, RPG-7 is a good tool for bringing down walls and ceilings which can come in handy when objectives are in play.  Taking a C4 will also give more terrain destruction options and is great for creating Nukes.    

Lastly, taking a Dome Shield will provide cover from ranged attacks, and a Spear can be used greatly around it. Moreover, this gadget can be deployed to provide players with protection while stealing Cashout Points and reviving allies.   


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