What is the Modern Warfare 3 Beta Download Size?

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If you’re preparing for Modern Warfare 3 Beta, you’ll want to know the download size. No matter the platform, prepare your storage as we reveal the size requirements.

With players gearing up for the Beta for Modern Warfare 3, many have wondered how taxing it would be for their systems. The game is looking to build upon the foundation set by Modern Warfare 2, with its “carry forward” philosophy. Available on most modern platforms, MW3 promises to be a major milestone in the long-standing franchise. So how much space will you have to reserve to try out the Beta? Read on to find out.

Modern Warfare 3 Beta Download Size

Modern Warfare 3 is preparing for launch, with the Open Beta just around the corner. No matter which platform you play on — PC, PlayStation, Xbox — the download size remains mostly similar, if not the same.

You will need around 25 GB of free space to download the Modern Warfare 3 Beta. However, there is more that players will need to consider. To access the Beta and play the game going forward, players will also need to download and install the Call of Duty HQ app. This piece of software adds an additional estimated 40 GB to the game’s size, according to Activision support

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III – Xbox
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III – Cross-Gen Bundle
  • Pre-Order and Receive Early access to the Open Beta*
  • Some features may require an online subscription

You should also bear in mind that the game is likely going to need extra download space in the future. With that, it’s likely that players will need around 100 GB of total space set aside for Modern Warfare 3. The final size for the release version of MW3 is as yet unknown but is likely estimated to be over 100 GB in total.

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