Is Modern Warfare 3 on Game Pass? – Answered

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Modern Warfare 3, the third game in the rebooted Call of Duty franchise, will be coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms on November 10, however will MW3 be on Game Pass? Players who have been following Microsoft’s ongoing acquisition of Activision Blizzard have wondered if the latest Call of Duty title will then appear on Xbox Game Pass. This guide will help answer the questions whether the game will be launching on Game Pass or coming to the service in the nearby future.

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Will Modern Warfare 3 Launch on Game Pass?

Modern Warfare 3 will not be launching on Xbox Game Pass at the time of this writing. Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players will have to purchase either the standard version, called the Cross-Gen Bundle, or the more expensive Vault Edition to access and play the game.

Will MW3 Be Coming to Game Pass?

While Microsoft’s deal to acquire Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard had been approved by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority last week, that does not mean that Call of Duty game will be immediately added to Game Pass when the deal actually closes.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke to IGN on the topic, though generally talked about bringing all of Activision Blizzard’s catalog to Game Pass.

“I want to make sure people know that there’s work to actually move games to Game Pass,” Spencer said to IGN. “So, for the people who think the deal is going to close and then everything’s available, that’s not true. And it hasn’t been true in other acquisitions that we’ve done. There’s work for us to go do, just mechanical work for us to go do. So, it’ll take us time, definitely time to get the games in the portfolio.”

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