Helldivers 2 Players Go Wild Over the New Major Order

Helldivers 2 player holding a Sickle next to an Exosuit

The fans of Helldivers 2 have been blessed with a new Major Order. Now, what is so special about this one? Players will unlock a new mech if they complete the mission. That’s a huge deal, considering that currently, the only available mech is the rarely-used EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit. Now, the players have five days to complete the new Helldivers 2 Major Order.

Major Order Requires Major Dedication From Fans

As per Helldivers 2 official X profile, the Major Order states: “Surveillance has uncovered an Automaton “Petafactory”; its only purpose to mass-produce heartless weapons of war. Liberate it and we can convert it to produce en masse the dual-Autocannon EXO-49 EMANCIPATOR EXOSUIT”.

The “Petafactory” is located on Varylia 5, one of the five planets in the Trigon Sector. A fan, ErectTubesock, exclaimed: “We only have to liberate and hold one planet. We got this”. Another fan, mdhunter99, expressed their enthusiasm: “I’m gonna be working 10 and 12-hour long shifts almost the entire time, but goddamnit I’m gonna kill as many bots as I can with how little time I have to play. FOR SUPEREARTH”.

Helldivers 2 currnet Major order
Image via N4G Unlocked

Redditors joked that Joel finally looked down on his fans and gave them an amazing opportunity in the form of a new Major Order. After not getting new content for a while fans are happy to make sacrifices in order to succeed. Neknoh said: “New Exo? I thought I was gonna have a nice weekend gardening outside… Seems I’ll be gardening… In HELL!”
Of course, due to their previous experiences, some fans had doubts. Laranthiel said: “What dumb bug is this one gonna have? You fire the autocannons and the shots bounce and break the cannons?”. Casey090 added: “They just give us nice toys to nerf them a week later”.
Another Redditor, PureNaturalLagger, complained: “Past MOs don’t make me too hopeful, but I’ve returned to the game to do my best for it. Although, playing on a bot planet with huge open fields devoid of cover, in thunderstorms causing low visibility, and where every single damn operation has AA defenses modifier limiting us to 3 stratagems, is not that f**king fun. To add insult to injury, I swear Strider spawn got increased”.

The Possibility of a New Stratagem Motivates Faithful Helldivers

Aside from concerns over possible nerfs, most players are super hyped up. Othello178 reminded: “I think what a lot of people aren’t realizing is that now we can have TWO mech Stratagems at once! Yeah, they may be janky right now but this is where we can start running vehicle builds, I’ve been planning on running that since I heard about the AC mech”.
Finally, most of the players agreed with DWS223. They said: “I’m doing my part to liberate that factory from the bots”. And, how about you, fellow Helldiver? Are you one of the brave fans who will join the rest of the Helldivers 2 players in the efforts to complete this Major Order? Hopefully, we’ll see you there.


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