Helldivers 2 CM Offers a Sneak Peek at the New Patch

Helldivers 2 PLAS-101 Purifier shot exploding

It’s been a while since Helldivers 2 fans received a new patch. The delays were caused by an initiative to provide them with the best patch possible. As you may imagine, the longer the players wait, the bigger their wishes are. The wait seems to be almost over, as a CM gave a sneak peek at what awaits the Helldivers 2 players in the new patch.

The Community Manager Dishes On the Upcoming Patch

On June 7, The_Real_Twinbeard, one of the Helldivers 2 Community Managers, took to Reddit and surprised the fans with an update on what to expect in the upcoming patch. They said: “So about that patch, here’s a little something. It’s Friday after all. Have a great weekend, divers”.

In addition, they posted the meme we shared below, listing all the exciting changes. The list stated: “Reverted patrols and spawn rate, visible supply lines and attack origins, invite-only lobbies, Super Samples at level 6, unlimited grenade fix, and more than a hundred changes and fixes”.

Helldivers 2 Community Manager announced some of the changes in the upcoming patch
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via Reddit

As expected, most of the reactions were extremely positive. With all the recent changes and several delays, the community has high expectations for this patch. Players were quick to list all the things they wanted to see as soon as possible.

One of them, fate_plays_chess, started: “AMR Scope alignment. It’s really bad now because it’s centered if you’re standing, offset top-left if you’re crouching, and I don’t even know when you’re prone”. Most of the players agreed on this one.

Old_Gimbo came up with another popular demand. They said: “Fix the Stimpak animation so that when the sound of the stim plays it ALWAYS heals me. That gets me killed more than anything else”. Program-Emotional confirmed: “Nothing tilts me more than hearing the “heal” sound but not getting healed… Either fix it so the heal lines up with the sound or vice versa, for the love of god”. To be honest, we felt this one.

Other demands included being able to add friends, resupply packs being shown on the map, not getting thrown into the sky by walking over/next to dead bodies and making Stratagem Beacons more sticky. Many players requested weapon fixes, mainly to the Arc Thrower, the Spear, and the Tenderizer.

Yet Some Players Have Low Expectations For the Patch

Of course, a lot of players reminded everyone to lower their expectations. DishonoredHero1_ stated: “I feel like I’ve definitely seen too many people getting too excited. Do they not remember who got us in this mess to begin with? I’ll believe this patch when I see it. I haven’t forgotten the “Mostly buffs” patch or whatever the devs said about the patch that butchered the Crossbow and others”.

Page8988 noted: “Being excited is fine, but don’t celebrate before it lands. For all we know, they could stick to their track record and swing a hammer instead”. They added: “Their track record is too poor to judge it any other way. They talk a lot and it usually sounds good (some foolish discourse on Discord notwithstanding) but then the results are fucking terrible”.

As for the ETA, it’s yet to be confirmed, but the CM reported that if everything ran smoothly, the new patch should drop in Helldivers 2 this week. Maybe it will be dropped alongside the new Warbond on June 13? Historically, patches were always released on a Tuesday, so maybe we’ll get it even sooner. We are extremely excited to experience the reverted patrols and spawn rates, those have been bugging us for weeks. Any other fixes are a bonus in our book. Hopefully, this patch will live up to the hype around it.


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