Hades 2 Fans Discover Ways to Use Selene’s Gifts

Hades 2 image of the moon

Selene is the goddess and personification of the Moon. She offers Melinoë Gifts of the Moon. Unfortunately, aside from everybody’s favorite Moon Water, not many others are praised. Recently, Selene‘s biggest fans made some effort to suggest how her gifts can be used efficiently, or improved for the final version of Hades 2.

What Can Players Expect From Selene’s Gifts?

This game is still in early access and different players choose completely different paths and strategies. We can all learn something new from each other. PartySpiders said: “Yeah I think the balance on all of them needs to be looked at. They all feel incredibly weak in comparison to just another boon”. Another player, timestalker78 agreed: “Other than Moon Water, a lot of the Hexes probably need some buffs”.

Born-Science856 said: “The laser one [Lunar Ray] is such a disappointment, underpowered, and dangerous to use. Maybe I ought to try its upgrades but I don’t put too much stock in those”.

ItisNitecap suggested a strategy: “There is a blue upgrade that makes it auto-aim fire and forget, and there is a purple upgrade that makes it aim in a beam. If you get these two it melts bosses while you stay very safe”.

Other fans suggested their favorites. Moon Water, Total Eclipse, Wolf Howl, and Night Bloom were all terrific without any upgrades. TheLion0fNight added: “Wolf Howl, if it’s a high rarity, because if I’m lucky I’ll get the upgrade that guarantees a crit after you Hex (Lethality). This is what got me my very first clear, my Giga Moonburst was dealing over 1400 damage every couple of seconds, and I only had a rare Apollo on it”.

Hades 2 Melinoe interacting with the frog
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Are In-Game Upgrades from Gifts Enough?

A fan, pilgermann, explained: “I think some do feel weak, but overall the mechanic is stronger than people think. If you always choose full moon, the stairway buffs can be really strong, like passive 5% damage reduction. The auto-charge Tarot can also make these pretty OP. You can deal A LOT of damage during slow motion for example, and with the right build you can activate it every 20-30 seconds. And you’re not just dealing damage but avoiding it”.

Samaritan_978 concluded: “There’s some balance needed. You have things like Moon Water and the Raise Dead one which can effectively carry runs with the most random ass build you can throw up. And then stuff like Time Slow and the Morph Curse which might be worse than useless”.

We would suggest you try it out for yourself. You might even come up with a completely new strategy. Of course, you can always count on dedicated Hades 2 fans to broaden your horizons with more tips on Selene’s gifts.


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