What is Fortnitemares? 2023 Start Date, Weapons, Items and Abilities

Fortnite Kado Thorne vampire standing in front of a purple background for Fortnitemares 2023

Seasonal Events are a staple in the gaming industry and as we are now in the spooky season, everything is Halloween-themed. Fortnite is not lagging behind, so let us see what is Fortnitemares.

If you have been living under a rock, Fortnite is a massively popular online shooter. Developed by Epic Games in 2017, it has three distinct gaming modes: Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative mode. Having around 240 million monthly players, and winning at least 20 awards, it is quite a phenomenon. So a game like that surely has its Seasonal Events. Come and see what they got for Halloween and what is Fortnitemares.

What Is Fortnitemares About ?

Fortnitemares is a Halloween-themed seasonal event in Fortnite, made in October 2017. It focused mainly on Save the World mode (expected, as it has zombies) and offered new cosmetics. Over the years it has developed into a fan-favorite, now offering Candy (a seasonal Consumable), exclusive Outfits and cosmetics, new Schematics, Heroes, changes to game modes, and more. 

What To Expect From Fortnitemares 2023?

For this year, Fortnitemares is set to be released on October 10. At the same time as the v26.30 patch. It is official, these are the new weapons, items, abilities, and more:

  • Wood Stake Shotgun
  • Thorne’s Vampiric Blade
  • Witch Broom – Mythic red version
  • A trick-or-treat augment – an additional ten healing for candy consumed
  • Witchy Warrior – Witch Broom cooldowns 20% faster (dropping from 20 to 16secs)
  • The Pumpkin Launcher
  • Candy (Candy Corn, Pepper Mints, Hop Drops, and Jelly Beans)
  • Cube Shards Upgrade Benches
  • Horde Rush mode
  • Limited-time missions

Also, some new NPCs are coming, like Dark Vanguard, Mincemeat, Victoria Saint, Medic Mae, and Vampire Kado Thorne. That’s a lot of stuff to look forward to.

Spirit Halloween Fortnite Boogie Bomb with Lights and Sounds | Officially Licensed Multicoloured
  • Fortnite prop has light-up and plays music
  • 2 AAA batteries included
  • Made of plastic
  • Dimensions are about 4.5 inches height by 3.75 inches width by 3 inches depth
  • Contains a realistic pull-pin trigger and on/off switch

We are all highly anticipating today’s release. In the meantime, you can check out our other Fortnite articles, like Fortnite How to Change Gender, All Songs on Fortnite Radio Stations and Is There VR Fortnite?


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