Fortnite Releases Four More Free Rewards, Here’s How To Get Them

Fortnite free rewards

There are four free rewards that you can get in Fortnite. Who doesn’t like free stuff? To get them, you have to go through a bit of a process, but it’s not too complicated. In the end, you’ll walk away with four free cosmetic rewards on your account. We’ll outline everything that you need to know and how to get the rewards.

How to get four new free rewards in Fortnite

The rewards are part of another Fortnite collaboration with their dedicated Discord communities. As iFireMonkey on Twitter reports, players can join the official Brazil & Portugal server to get the new cosmetics. This information was originally spotted via TheAgentShadow on Twitter.

The rewards will be released consecutively over four weeks, totalling four rewards. Players can get emoticons and sprays to add to their Fortnite account. To get the rewards, here’s everything that you need to do:

  1. Join the official Fortnite Brazil & Portugal Discord server.
  2. Each Thursday from August 3 to August 24, press the Get Started button on the server.
  3. Play Fortnite for an hour, and you’ll earn the reward for that week.

Each week on Thursday, you will be able to get one of the free cosmetic rewards. In order, players can get:

  • August 3 – I Got You Emoticon
  • August 10 – Shake ‘Splosion Spray
  • August 17 – Right On! Emoticon
  • August 24 – You Are Beautiful Spray

When it’s all put together, it will take you four weeks to get the rewards, each requiring an hour of Fortnite to be eligible. But it will be worth it to walk away with free goodies, especially if you would’ve spent time playing Fortnite anyway. 

Good luck getting these freebies, and we’ll keep an eye out for more free stuff in Fortnite. In the meantime, check out our Fortnite guides, such as What Does Siphon Mean in Fortnite and Where Are the Ruins in Fortnite.


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